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Would you like advance notice of some particularly tasty property before it comes onto the main sale market? Give yourself some time to sort out surveys and funds etc?

The VIP advance notice pay-per-view page property has the full A-to-Z range from: Air Control Towers, Bunkers, Castles, Distilleries, Eco-Homes, Fires Stations, Generator Stations, Hotels, Islands, Jails, Kennels, Lighthouses… Watermills, Windmills – the whole alphabet of unusual property (one at a time on this VIP page when they come up for sale). For example, here is an artists impression of an ACTUAL underground former UKWMO Nuclear Bunker that WILL be coming up for sale…

UKWMO Underground Bunker: By Artist Bob Marshall

The latest nuclear bunker is just 125 miles from London. Here are FULL details, including location + description + estate agent contact email and telephone number: Click Here.

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The auction house guide this at £10,000. Though here at Unique Property Bulletin we reckon it is more likely to make £20,000+ on the day, so please be prepared.

Once every couple of months, we shall feature an extra special property on our pay-per-view page. Just now it is a Nuclear Bunker. Next one is a Lighthouse TOWER for sale.

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