Wanted: 2 Big Rocks

Cash Buyer Seeks Boulders!

Example: Castel Meur, Britanny.

Not For Sale. Nor For Rent.

But one of our readers has cash waiting

to buy big boulders in the UK

Here at Unique Property Bulletin, we don’t just feature unusual homes for sale or rent. We are fortunate in also having a list of properties that people would like to buy. Usually it is a genre that one of our readers describes. A former railway station or a windmill. Perhaps a coastguard station or even a former submarine pen. Those spook us out a bit…

An Old WW2 Submarine Pen.

Not Quite Our Reader’s Cup of Tea.

The French seem to have captured her heart…

She captured our attention when her inbound text message read…

“La maison du Gouffre a vendre?”

…the very rusty “o” level French in the even older brain of our editor translated that as the house in an abyss. Not quite your regular estate-agency description. The text message didn’t make sense. Then we Googled the place. The attraction of million-year old boulders then became apparent.

Do you  have some land that might be for sale with the bare bones and boulders to make someone’s dream come true?

Castel Meur. Photo Attribution: Gilbert Meur.

This utterly photogenic house in Plougrescant, Brittany is otherwise known as the house between to rocks.

It is not for sale. Nor can you holiday here. Yet it has rave revues on Tripadvisor and other holiday destination websites that most rental properties would give a gold bar for.


Because it is so annoyingly picturesque.

Our Reader Is Looking To Buy Two Big Boulders In The UK

The reason we are featuring this is that we promised the lady who texted us that we would see if there was any land in the UK that had big boulders or rocks where such a unique home could be built.

That’s it. All we have to write on this subject.

The lady has a decent amount of cash and will buy,, even without planning permission.

Please Note: Unique Property Bulletin Ltd., is NOT an estate agency and do NOT charge any commissions. Just a group of friends who love living in unusual homes and share these property interest with other like-minded people.

Castel Meur, Le Gouffre, 22820 Plougrescant, Brittany, France.

One of our readers would like to buy a property like this.

Even just two big rocks and she will build the house.

For Tripadvisor with no accommodation on offer (but plenty of photos and reviews: Click Here

If you have some land similar to this for sale where someone could build their unique home (subject to planning permission) please fee free to get in touch with us…


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