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It is fairly rare that we post “wanted” segments. But we have a buyer who has now sold his house and with much work and sacrifice has earnt his pilot’s wings. The next step on his “work to do” list is to buy a former World War 2 Air Control Tower and runway. Something akin to the classic design in East Anglia…

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There is of course a sadness and irony n our posting this on 3rd September 2021, exactly 82 years to the day since the outbreak of the second world war…

Courtesy of Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette ~ 3rd September 1939

We have featured various air control towers in Unique Property Bulletin over the years. They tend to get widely reported. For example…

Article courtesy of Forces Net Website. Continues: Here

We recommend readers always make some due diligence before expending time on a candidate building, and this sale did in fact progress very quickly…

Rosehearty Air Control Tower is Off The Menu

For Now

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Subsequent site visits show the Rosehearty Control Tower has gone through the process of being upcycled from a redundant building and converted into housing…

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When we showed the modern air control tower to our reader to get an idea of what he is seeking, the general consensus was his sights are firmly set upon a former WW2 tower of the classic design.

He is into museum grade restoration of a WW2 Air Control Tower.

In fact there is a Spitfire on the wish list, but that is another matter for another part of the Bulletin. We’ve enough fun and games with the editor of Unique Property Bulletin and his pal rescuing old lumps of metal (from this, to this) with a charity born from these very pages (here). Something akin to Goxhill Air Control Tower…

^^^ Photo of “Before” ^^^

Air Control Tower  Goxhill

Photo Courtesy of A. Kevin Grantham.

Then following a major renovation…

^^^ Photo of “After” ^^^

Photo courtesy of and with a major commendation to visit the

Military Aviation Museum….

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Meanwhile if you do come across a former World War 2 air control tower, we would be delighted to hear from you and so too would one of our readers. This is what these towers look like…

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& Our Favourite Director: Michael Caton-Jones (here)

So if you come across one of these rare old iconic buildings for sale, we are advised that an honorarium of £250 is available for any that complete sale/purchase into the conveyance and ownership of the reader who asked us to  place this segment onto our website.

If you do see (or in fact own) an air control tower and ideally a piece of private runway remaining, please feel free to get in touch with us at….

Unique Property Bulletin

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Many thanks