Premier League Bargain?

Guide: £10,000

Former public convenience. Our property section bought one of these a few years ago. Unless it is an exceptional piece of architecture, the likely route is to demolish the old bog and build something unusual. Ideally without the pee aroma in it’s stead.



^^^ Former Public Convenience ^^^

Lydyett Lane, Barnton, Northwich,

Cheshire, CW8 4EY

This is quite a pleasant neighbourhood.

Google 3D virtual wander around the area…

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As for this building, you have a couple of options…

(a) Ask the neighbours if they would sell you a modest slice of their garden.

Another £10,000 may be very welcome to them and it would increase your footprint by well over double and may be the key to planning permission.

(b) Design a two storey replacement building. 

You might hit a small jackpot and secure both “a” and “b”.

There are plenty of modest sized houses. Indeed a major international “Tiny House” movement exists and is very popular. Just Google that term and you will be embarking on a magical mystery tour. Here is a video of just one idea…

Quite the result from an old Cheshire loo.

Full Auction Details

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If sold, the archived details are: click here


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