Cop Shop For Cash?

Police House & Office, 2 Prince Charles Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, County Durham, DH6 5DL
Dixon of Durham

Former Police House & Station, Prince Charles Avenue, County Durham

This old bill house and station is at a very tempting price. Ideal for many of our readers who are looking to move into a place where they can live and work from. Instead of an hour travelling between home and work each day, try a 30-second-commute. Also for folk working from or near home it is good to keep some separation between these two parts of life. Whilst having the bonus of a reasonably professional situation should folk need to meet you at your place of work. If they get a bit rowdy, pop ’em in the cells. Though this small plod place doesn’t have formal or what is known as a “legal” places of custody. Still it presents as an interesting home. May also be an legitimate excuse to buy one of these iconic blur boxes to plant in your front garden…

Tardis BBC

Tardis NOT Included- But Would Be A Good Excuse To Buy One

Location: Former Police House & Station, 2 Prince Charles Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, County Durham, DH6 5DL

Guide: £40,000 – Tardis not included

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