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How? What?

Where Eagles Dare Castle

In An Oblique Way, This Is A Unique Home

Film Location: Where Eagles Dare – In Fiction Castle Schloss Adler

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Notwithstanding the actual buildings that we feature, there may, for example, be a couple of elements that are the Cinderella of this Bulletin. The how and the what? This edition we aim to remedy that a little. By recounting an anecdotal journey. One that may hold some interest for those seeking a way of life that is essentially different from the ordinary. Not just in the style of unusual property and locations, but the important issue of a vocation.

Where Eagles Dare By Alastair MacLean

Where Eagles Dare: Book By Alistair MacLean. The Film Starred Richard Burton

& That Scary Cable Car To Castle Schloss Adler

What has this book and the resultant Holywood film got to do with you and unique property?

You’ll need to read our feature-article to join in with that journey

Whatever financial your position, whether seeking a new way to earn a living, or to stave of the lethal boredom of some forms of retirement, there has seldom been a better time to explore the range of vocational options available. Primarily because of where we are now in relation to the internet and web-based business that can be run virtually anywhere on the planet.

This Bulletin’s feature-article has an account of an accidental visit to the home of an iconic author. A modest writer who ended up with book sales exceeding 30,000,000 at a time when there was no Kindle or social media to help a publication go ‘viral’. Old school writing and publication. At his peak, he was the best-selling author in the world. His name? Alistair MacLean. Many of his books have also been translated into Holywood films. Also in this Bulletin we have a twist in the tail in the vein of an Alistair MacLean adventure. For that you’ll need to read the main article…

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