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Unique Property Bulletin Evolution

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The Round House MAIN 2

The Round House: Unique Architect Richard T. Foster

In our previous Unique Property Bulletin we advised a temporary switch to publishing new editions on a 3 week cycle instead of the earlier fortnightly frequency. In that edition the phrase “end of retirement” was mentioned as part of the reason for changing. A euphemism we heard from a politician who couldn’t quite bring himself to say the end of life. It was a relatively dry remark, but has left me touched by the decency of Bulletin readers. There have been several heartlifting and kind emails with concerns about the matter of health and wellbeing. To be frank, neither I, nor anyone who helps with the Bulletin are quite ready to drop of the perch yet. Turning 50 years of age was a jolt, and yup, absolutely, health has been a problem. The Blue Badge for parking kind of brings it home that the old body is complaining. But hey, there is plenty that can be done, even if the bones are creaking and there are, with morbid fascination, bits of my spine in a medical jar sitting on the study desk as the most vivid of possible reminders to my terminal stupidity – to stop doing idiotic things like lifting overly heavy objects – and getting bloody well stuck again when the old back has a resultant bout of rigor mortis! Whatever else, the fingers can still work the computer keyboard and the internet. So there is plenty of life in contributions to the old Bulletin yet.

To those highly perceptive and decent readers who emailed in, worry not – we’ve managed to keep this publication going since 1987. Indeed from being a kid with an ancient an honourable Adana lead font letterpress machine for a birthday present – as a brilliant lesson of how life affirming and important the written word can be, print is, as the mantra goes in the DNA. So the Unique Property Bulletin is far from stopping. Just evolving. Or as the folk in Japan are apt to say ??  kaizen – equating to the philosophy of continual improvement. Now we embark upon a next stage in the life of this eccentric publication. Social media then growth to where we can ensure continuity through taking on staff.

Plus there is a huge kick – an almost immeasurable pleasure, when one of our lot – that means you – Bulletin readers and/or syndicate member ends up buying that martello tower, castle, railway station or windmill as their new home. Bliss. It never ceases to knock the old socks off.

This edition narrates a little of past, present and future evolution of this publication. To ensure it is improved and the long term viability of the Bulletin is secure. Though at the heart of things it is about….

You & Unique Property

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