Would You Like A Unique Property Forum?

We’re considering a new interactive addition to help readers in the quest to find and renovate their unique property.

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Yikes, This Internet Forum Photograph Is A Bit Bright & Busy!

But apparently ‘wordclouds‘ are one of the things on our ‘to do’ list – along with the possibility of creating that ubiquitous internet dynamic: the interactive forum. 

Firstly a big thankyou to all the readers who emailed and phoned with kind wishes for the 25th anniversary edition last month. In amongst the messages were several folk who were asking for advice. How much would it cost to convert a church into a home with a mezzanine floor? Should the stained glass windows be halved or do you know how the full effect system works? Another reader was asking about what the newish pre-planning system means and does it have any validity.

A structural solution for Unique Property Bulletin to help answer the regular flow of questions such as the above is to add an interactive forum to this website. We’ve thought about it in the past. Perhaps it’s now time to add this feature?

In fact if it wasn’t for an internet forum elsewhere – and a very dear friend who ran it helping the authors of www.uniquepropertybulletin.org understand basic website construction, then the Bulletin that you are reading right here, right now, would simply not exist. We are positive that there is a healthy demand for a unique property forum. We also believe from 5 years experience of this online paperless version of Unique Property Bulletin that dozens upon dozens of readers have secured their own ideal home through the ethos of sharing unusual properties on this website and related platforms (plus the occasional nudge and a bit of mischief making from ourselves).

For sure, a Unique Property Forum would help real people with actual projects. But to do this will require admins and moderators to run the forum.

So this is a curtain call to see who amongst our readership is up for helping with a unique property forum? Over the years, a best bit of this whole endeavour has been the making of many good friendships. So all-in-all, a lot of good could come from establishing an interactive unique property forum.

But like many things, there is a lot more to this than meets the eye.

The key to making a Unique Property Forum work is sufficient volunteers to run the facility. Plus some IT help on the dedicated website workings in this respect. What say you?

Views and offers to assist as a property forum “Admin” and/or “Moderators” warmly welcome: click here.

This edition we look into the topic of a potential Unique Property Forum and ask new members and old to contribute to the debate.

The Full Article Appears Later In This Edition.