Unique Property Bulletin Evolution

& How You Can Get The Best From It

Part 1 of 2

The Round House 6

The Round House By Architect Richard Foster
This Is An Example of Unique Property That We Just Love

Photograph Courtesy of CMLS

The what, why and how of evolving Unique Property Bulletin? Let’s just explain where we are as of this edition. Until we can restructure things so that there are sufficient resources to augment the purely volunteer based structure and employ two part-time salaried contributors, the current frequency of Unique Property Bulletin is moving to 3 weeks instead of two. However, like much that is accidentally successful about this endeavour since being first published in 1987, we did something intuitive, but not previously thought useful. In this case we started to add new properties every couple of days to our Twitter and Facebook feeds. We hadn’t anticipated how the social media element would impact upon readers. It has been particularly positive. Already two Bulletin readers have made offers on potentially life changing projects for their new homes. So as part of this feature, we cannot emphasise enough:-

How Can You Get The Best From The Bulletin?

Answer: Add Social Media To Your Reading Mix…

Twitter: Regular Additional Lots – Click Here

Facebook: Regular Additional Lots – Click Here

The reasoning is to ensure readers still have a steady and varied diet of unusual property candidates for their future home between the main Bulletins (major edition and feature etc., published each 3 weeks). We have always had too many properties for any given Bulletin and had to distil them to 8 or so per main edition. Therefore there are plenty to include, and this is in addition to what already makes it’s way onto our website. Since deciding to opt for the 3 week frequency, the Twitter/Facebook feeds have had an extra 12 to 24 properties between main Bulletins. That means an increase of 200 more unique properties a year. Not too bad an accident in the evolution of this thing.

So If You Seek A Modest Box Building…

Leigh Road Security Station Box, Leigh Road, Ramsgate, CT12 5EU
Leigh Road Security Station, Leigh Road, Ramsgate, CT12 5EU
Whether You Are Looking For A Bargain Box Building Box Building (Sale Result Here)

Plus A LOT of Land Guided At 20 Grand…

Leigh Road Security Station Land Leigh Road, Ramsgate, CT12 5EU

To Work Out How Much Land At £20,000:
Check Out The Comparable Size of The Neighbouring Plots.

Ordnance Survey Copyright Licence: LIG1016 & 100052015

Then our new social media/newsfeed Facebook and Twitter additional lots are well worth keeping an eye on.


Or Even If You Seek A Grand Pile…

Caverswall Castle MAIN RSZ

Grade 1 Listed Caverswall Castle & Moat, Caverswall, Staffordshire, ST11 9EA

Something Brill For Just 3 Mill !

Then you would do well to check out the Bulletin AND the Facebook & Twitter newsfeeds.

The positive use of social use of social media with additional property links is, far from being a retrograde step, in fact something that helps our readers. That is the essence of what is here. A website that interacts, and can help you in ways that, incidentally, we find incredibly enjoyable.

This current turn of events has heartened our reason for writing the Bulletin, and is also starting to bring about the necessary changes: to free up a little time that can be devoted to the syndicate side of things. Those very Unique Property Syndicates  that have, in the past, garnered tens of thousands of pounds extra for Bulletin readers who join in, along with the fact that the financial support from the syndicates has, on several occasions, kept this very publication going.

It is also worth mentioning the accidental success in Unique Property Syndicate spin off – our Real Dragons’ Den having, since 1998, created over 100 new job. However I digress. Returning to the evolution of the Bulletin -the narrative above indicates where it is now going – including more use of social media.

To be complete, and also to answer a thread of emails that steadily arrive at Bulletin HQ it is perhaps worth placing on record a little of the past so as to appreciate where this thing has evolved from…