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Please note, the unusual property in this listing that follows is NOT currently for sale. It is featured so that readers who like this flavour of abode can study whether it is possible to live here for a while, and if that works out, then graduate to somewhere that you can buy and live permanently. From experience Unique Property Bulletin believe it is important to stay a while at the more exotic or remote places to establish whether such a lifestyle suits you and vice versa.

South Stack Lighthouse

Island of Anglesey – Island 2

South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey Island

Anglesey Council is facing cuts of £2.9m, so the local authority has been looking for ways to save money. One such method is surrendering leases for heritage sites where it is unable to turn a profit. But it might be the case that private individuals may have a different approach and find an interesting way to change a £12,000 cost into a £12,000 profit. Plus have some amazing fun in the process.

South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey Island

A head start has been made with the installation of a new £200,000 footbridge to restart public tours of this amazing lighthouse location. So far, between 12,000-19,000 visitors a year between Easter to September. Therein lays the first possible piece of lateral thinking to turn the fortunes of this place around. Why stop in September. Obvious answer is that the costs outweigh the receipts. But I’ve lived in a lighthouse. If you write, or paint pictures, you are there already. Whereas the council have to pay someone to do the tour part of the job, you would already be there.


South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey Island

Surely worth making an enquiry to Anglesey Council for their historic figures (FOI request) then contact the lighthouse owners at Trinity House for the tender process which will lead up to a March 2017 handover. Also is there residential accommodation there for you to live in?

South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey Island

Perhaps time to get the property detective sleuthing hat on.

Please let us know how you get on? Thanks.

Address: South Stack Lighthouse, Ynys Lawd, Holyhead, Holy Island off Anglesey Island, LL65 1YH

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