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Keeper’s Cabin ~ Fully Renovated

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This is a diminutive gem of the Noss Head Lighthouse Station. Keeper’s Cabin is ready for you to move into. Or if you are increasing your holiday-letting portfolio, it is a very popular go-to destination.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Located Left of The Left Hand Building

Also worth noting that if this one-bedroom house is not big enough for your needs, then perhaps buy the larger Engine House nearby. That has full planning permission and building warrants for a substantial 3 bedroom house (details further down this page). For now, we feature Keeper’s Cabin and some important background information…

Here is an internal virtual-viewing of the Keeper’s Cabin…


^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

The location is at the north east of the country in a visually remarkable area…

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

There are a total of three former lighthouse keepers’ dwellings. This is the main access to the compound within which they are built…

^^ Main Entrance ^^

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

Keeper’s Cabin has been completely renovated. Professionally rewired and connected to mains electricity. Mains water and connected to septic tank. Landline also connected. As is high-speed broadband. Indeed this and our other websites were easily operated from this beautiful location…

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Was an office. Now a kitchen as this format is far more use for residential or holiday letting. Plenty of computer space/access at the dining area desk or by the lounge chairs.

This next photo gives an aerial view from the north looking south. It shows the Keeper’s Cabin on the right hand side of the set of buildings…

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

An important point is that during summer, due to the northerly latitude, there are two hours more daylight here than in London. It may seem odd, but you have to be careful and avoid sunstroke. Not a problem many folk associate with the northern parts of the country.

The converse is true in the winter: less daylight. Though a wonderful feature is the amount of Aurora Borealis treats in the winter months…

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Across Loch Mor during the solar flare season.

Photo Attribution: G. Mackie. 

This leads us to an important element that is unseen. During the picturesque winter months, the refit specification included a huge amount of insulation to ensure this building was easy and economical to keep warm in winter and cool in summer.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

During the winter months.

What we had not expected were the horrendous increases in electricity bills from £800 to Martin Lewis MSE website forcast of over £3,000 per annum for the end of this year (2022).

Fortunately we were very lucky….

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Now Very Well Insulated.

This Ensures LOW Heating Bills.

Below Is The Pictorial Proof of Insulation.

It is not possible to see this in the completed renovation, but it is important to know that the vital insulation work has been completed. So here are some photographs of the process. Just one room has been featured in this example series to keep this page from becoming a 1,225 page Tolstoy novel. Here are the photos of the insulation work on Keeper’s Cabin bedroom…

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

^^ Floorplan Layout Showing Bedroom Location^^

The Old Bothy as it was known housed visiting and/or relief lighthouse keepers. The accommodation tended to be very, very basic…

^^  Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Before Renovation.

Basic, Very Cold & Horribly Damp.

The main problem was lack of any insulation. This caused condensation and a poor cycle of refrigeration of the occupants.

As can be seen by this series of photographs, the insulation was attended to, along with damp proofing, proper venting. Fortunately, for planning permissions,  this building already had double glazed units. Though these were at the end of their useful life so all were replaced with brand new bespoke units.

Crucially, all walls and ceilings were insulated to a high specification and we are fortunately able to illustrate this process with some of the relevant photographs…

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

The Old Bedroom: Detritus Removed.

After the roof + ceilings + walls + floors were all made good and fit for purpose, the interior renovations started with increasing the thermal insulation qualities…

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Interior Walls With An External Counterpart

All Lined With Celotex Thermal Insulation.

It is relevant to show measures we can ALL take to reduce fuel bills. In this circumstance ironic. Much though we love Noss Head Lighthouse Station, the buildings are not getting used enough and the funds from here and other unique property from our portfolio can and will be going towards the initiative to cure the energy fuel bill crisis (remedy: here).

^^ Wall Mounted Television Panels ^^

Plus Plenty of Insulation

Celotex insulation was utilised in the walls that had an exterior elevation open to the elements on the other side. RWA45 specification insulation was deployed in all other wall insulation areas and especially the ceiling spaces to maximise eco-credentials and reducing the heating bills. This was remedied well before the scary fuel direct debits being used by fuel companies have started to land eco credentials. 

^^ Specialist Fire Resistant Plasterboard ^^

It costs a little more that ordinary, but provides peace of mind

We also double sheet to ensure maximum thermal quality.

^^ Strange Contraption ^^

It may look odd, but this piece of kit is

great at helping install ceiling plasterboard.

^^ Progress Completed But Unseen ^^

A lot of hard work and especially the insulation that

now protects this building eventually goes unseen!

Well at least until the LOWER electricity bills arrive.

^^ Strange Contraption ^^

After the plasterer has done their work, a first coat of

paint is applied in case wallpaper is used.

This ensures that when removing the wallpaper,

large chunks of plaster sticking/bonding

to the wallpaper can be avoided.

^^ Second & Third Coats of Paint ^^

In this building, we avoided wallpaper

and chose neutral coloured paint.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

New floor + underlay + new carpets.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Some new furniture and pictures help make this space useable.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

We deployed a single bed to see how this worked out..

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Being test driven.

Very warm. Quick to heat. Very economic.

Here’s the thing: without your having seen the insulation work photos, you would have no idea what was behind the walls. Indeed whether there was any insulation at all. Now you know because the photographs were taken. There is a combination of Celotex/Exotherm type insulation (here) and RWA45 Rockwool Batts (here). This may seem a dry topic for anoraks and building nerds, but you would be shocked if you knew how much money you waste over your lifetime if you have no insulation or poor quality grade product.

Keeper’s Cabin has top quality insulation throughout and that will mean even larger savings and more ecologically sound heat use during these times of rocketing fuel bills.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

A double bed was also tested in this bedroom and it worked well. The storage spaces are precious, but as a renovated property, the whole building has been transformed to a very useful home or if the new owner prefers, as a holiday letting property.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin Bedroom ^^

To the left side is the fresh WC and new fittings.

To the right is the brand new en-suite shower.

^^ Lounge ^^

Fairly diminutive, but cozy and easy to heat.

Also can be deployed as a secondary bedroom for

visitors with children needing an extra bed-space at night.

It is worth emphasising at this point how thorough the INSULATION phase of the Keeper’s Cabin renovation was. The photos above are not the most exotic, but they do help to substantially reduce the cost of heating in winter and cooling in summer. It is an unusual phenomenon that Noss Head has two hours more daylight than Londion in the summer months and therefore it is wise to understand the power of sunshine. The writer of these words has been badly sunburnt twice and suffered sunstroke one at this place. It was not a brilliant experience. So please be aware that it can get quite hot and the power of the sun should never be taken for granted.

^^ Coffee Counter ^^

This was part of the old kitchenette.

A more suitable purpose would be for book shelves.

Mew owners will have their own preferred layout and decor.

^^ New Kitchen Facility ^^

It should be remembered that

these old relief lighthouse keeper buildings

had minimal facilities.

This is still a diminutive building, but now has

FIVE proper rooms as can be seen on the floorplan above.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

Now fully restored and a very useful property.

It may be helpful to also see what was completed on the exterior of these buildings. We have bee fortunately in securing a trade account with the specific paint suppliers to the Northern Lighthouse Board. The quality of this paint system and longevity of the paint on buildings near to the sea is particularly impressive. Here are a couple of “before” and “after” photos. Please note, the TOWER is still fully functional and NOT for sale…

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Tower ^^

Before being prepped and painted.

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Tower ^^

During preparation and painting.

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Tower ^^

After prep and painting is completed.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

During prep, and painting.

Well worth remembering that, courtesy of the Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB), the owners of this website have been fortunate in securing a trade account for the exact same paint system that is applied to the actual lighthouse towers. It is better paint made to exacting standards by industry professionals. This NLB paint  and lasts much longer that general DIY retail products.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Photographed From The Loch.

If you have any questions about this first of opur four lighthouse properties for sale, please click onto the Rightmove link that follows and ask the agent. Thank you.


For Sale

Keeper’s Cabin


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Lighthouse Engine House

Full Planning Permission Granted

To Convert Into A 2 Bed House.

“As Is”: Offers Over £149,000

Click Here

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

The Detached Building To The

Right of The Lighthouse Tower.


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Noss Lighthouse Station Video

Before we end this article, here is an aerial video filmed just before we started the renovation work in 2017 and before the buildings were painted and landscaping undertaken…

^^ Video Film ^^

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^

^^ Before Renovations ^^


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