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Offers Over £149,000.

Lighthouse Engine House


More Lighthouse Buildings For Sale Soon

Full Planning Permission For Conversion

To A 2-Bedroom Detached Home/Holiday Letting

First Solid Offer At: £149,000.

Here is the Lighthouse Engine House. It has FULL Planning Permission to be converted into a 2 bedroom house…

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Please Note: Tower NOT Included

It MAY also be possible to alter the GRANTED Planning Permission

FROM the ONE house with 2 bedrooms to

TWO Apartments each with 1 bedroom.

Example: Click Here

This was a detached utility building for generating electricity to light the lamp in the lighthouse tower. Since the National Grid For Electricity arrived this building is no longer used. There was a problem with the original planning permission in that the proposed septic tank was in a challenging location very close to the buildings. That has now been cured by the WAYLEAVE PERMISSION that allows the septic tank to be built several hundred yards away.

A genuinely unique property or, with a sense of bearing as you approach the main gate a quarter of a mile away…

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^

Main Estate Gate

Lighthouse Engine House on Rightmove: Here

Please note, the tower is not for sale; neither is the house we sold to our neighbour.

Since buying this wonderful lighthouse station on 23rd May 2017 it has been the home of Unique Property Bulletin HQ. To be frank, given our first home 35 years ago on Davaar Island (here & here), the custodianship of Noss Head has pretty much been the Crown Jewels of our organisation. The decision to sell any of the buildings has been difficult.

A wonderful bonus are the Aurora Borealis treats in the winter months…

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Across Loch Mor during the solar flare season.

Photo Attribution: G. Mackie. 


Full Planning Permission Granted

To Convert Into A 2 Bed House.

Offers Over £149,000.

Lighthouse Engine House


More Lighthouse Buildings For Sale Soon

Full Planning Permission For Conversion

Crucially this includes the wayleave rights to a new septic tank location (here). This is important as it purifies a planning condition that was hitherto a problem, but now via this piece of lateral thinking, it is solved. The result is this detached building, pictured to the right of the lighthouse tower, now had full planning permission and building warrants for conversion into a very comfortable 2 bedroom home with unique views to all four compass points, north, south, east and west…

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

The Detached Building To The

Right of The Lighthouse Tower.

A definitive view of the detached Lighthouse Engine House can be seen here…

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

^^ Photo Taken From Atop The Lighthouse Tower ^^

For a short summary description and estate agent 

contact details as of August 2022…

Rightmove Lighthouse Engine House Page:

Click Here


Current Planning Permission

Change of Use To A 2 Bedroom House

The current owners had thought about changing the planning permission to TWO holiday cottages, each with 1 bedroom…

This is the DRAFT design for TWO houses, each with one bedroom and the full range of amenities…

^^^ DRAFT Layout For Consideration ^^

This has NOT yet been proposed to the local authority.

The change of use from industrial building

to a residential dwelling


The existing planning permission is for

ONE house with TO bedrooms.

But it would be very useful to have a layout of

TWO apartments with ONE bedroom in each.

This idea has NOT yet been processed as this is a choice best left to the new owners.

Lighthouse Engine House

Fuller Set of Details +

Planning Permission Information

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

This Photo Is From The Top of The Lighthouse

The Engine House Is On The Right of The Picture

This fairly ordinary building is one of our all-time favourites because of its location. 

All four sides of the Lighthouse Engine House have sublime views.

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Looking North Towards Orkney

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Looking South Towards The Lighthouse Tower

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Showing The Eastern Views

Towards Castle Girnigoe & Sinclair

As owners of the Noss Head Lighthouse Station since 23rd May 2017, we have been in the fortunate position of deciding which are our favourite buildings. Without doubt, and to our own surprise, these are the diminutive (now fully renovated) Keeper’s Cabin and the (yet to be renovated) Lighthouse Engine House. Hopefully the views from and also towards these buildings can give our readers the insight on why these two main buildings are our favourites… 

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Looking West. Perspective From

Castles Girnigoe and Sinclair.

As of 20 May 2020, the FULL planning Permission GRANTED for the Lighthouse Engine House  allows for conversion to a 2 bed residential dwelling. There is ONE part of this PERMISSION we would RECOMMEND buyers consider CHANGING.

=> We strongly suggest that buyers of the Lighthouse Engine House consider RAISING the internal floor level around 2 feet 10 inches.

During our ownership, the Northern Lighthouse Board asked for and were granted a temporary “welfare unit” in our Engine House. We were very happy to give them rent free use of our Lighthouse Engine House. For many years this building had lain under-used as its original function, generating electricity for the lighthouse tower beam had ended. In recent years this building had been reduced to a dumping ground for all sorts of bits and pieces which “might” prove useful one day!

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Previous Use As An Old Storage Unit.

What became obvious during the temporary use by the Northern Lighthouse Board is this building could be configured to have a very useful life and was redolent with beautiful views from every window. However, the windows were very high off of the ground. Only giraffes could get a good view out of them. We have many puffins and seals ~ even several whales, but no giraffes. So what is the answer when even the tallest humans cannot reach the height needed to get a view out of the windows?

^^ All Rooms With A View ^^

^^ Windows At Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Looking North Across Sinclair Bay

With some lateral thought, we simply raised the internal floor by around 3 feet in extra height.

The windows had been built at a height which reflected the semi-industrial nature of the building. As requested the Northern Lighthouse Board were given permission to raise the floors so that the kitchen and dining room where shelter was given during less sunny days, could be arranged in a way where the window views were obtainable by even the shortest crew member (ahem DJR).

In other words you could sit on a normal sized chair to have lunch and be able to look out of any and all windows in this building to the most glorious of views…

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Temporary Permission NLB Kitchen/Diner

(now removed)

The remedy to ensure good views from these highly level windows was to raise the floor…

^^ A Relatively Simple Solution ^^

Ensuring Excellent Views From Windows.

The reduced room volume reduced heating costs.

Plus underfloor insulation reduced costs further.

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

We were delighted to say thankyou to

the Northern Lighthouse Board for

selling these buildings which we now own.

A way to do that was to make sure the

NLB work crew “welfare unit” was

supplied as per the NLB request.

Even though this was a temporary permission, we did arrange for it to be properly insulated…

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Temporary Use By Northern Lighthouse Board


Gold Dust & Magic

The Book of Good Electricians + Plumbers

+ Roofers + Joiners + Glaziers + Builders

It is very important to note that we have two very good project managers and a full team of trades near to the Noss Head Lighthouse Station site.

=> This is very important IF you do not intend to project manage the conversion work yourself.

In 2017, it took us several painful weeks to find the right team to help with the renovation of Noss Head Lighthouse Station. But we persevered and are delighted to advise whoever buys the Lighthouse Engine House that IF they need some assistance in the conversion of this property, there is a local team headed by our Guardian Angel up in the far north…

^^ Steve Williams ^^

Has Saved Our Bacon Many Times

Any buyer who is looking at the Lighthouse Engine House may require some reassurance that they have a good team onsite. Steve will be able to show you three Grade A listed buildings and three properties within the environs of Grade A listed buildings. All of which have benefitted from Steve and various other team members and all of whom are keen to see the last building finished so that the WHOLE lighthouse station looks as it did many years ago when the original lighthouse keepers’ kept the place: Ship Shape & Bristol Fashion.

Just get in touch with Unique Property Bulletin and we can introduce you to a whole range of folk, from architects to project managers, electricians, and the whole spectrum you might need to transform the Lighthouse Engine House into your new 2-bedroom home.


Back To The

Lighthouse Engine House Narrative

Now in 2022, this area and indeed the entire Lighthouse Engine House has been cleared and emptied with substantial demolition work undertaken well within one year, let alone the three years of the planning permission.

The clearance work was ostensibly to progress the planning permission and building warrant works. We are advised this in and of itself the demolition of the significant parts of the Lighthouse Engine House represents a “meaningful start”. That might be important as if you do extend your own “start” date beyond the 3 years commencing from the original permission dated 20 May 2020, you have what is now termed an “enduring permission”. One that without an end date. The “meaningful start” has crystallised that part of the planning consent in a good way for you..

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

The Engine House car park was very busy.

Worthwhile as the end result is a cleared building

ready for the next stage of the planning permission….

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

The majority of surplus internal elements

have been removed from site.

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Cleared of all detritus.

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Cleared of all detritus.

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Cleared of all detritus.

In some ways we are saddened that the Lighthouse Engine House is not to be our Unique Property Bulletin headquarters…

^^ Unique Property Bulletin HQ Plaque ^^

A New Plaque Adorns The New Office…


^^ Unique Property Bulletin New HQ Plaque ^^

A Small Price To Pay To Halve Electricity Bills Across The Country!

At first, we did NOT want to sell. But fate and one of our directors being hit on the head by a 5,000 ship changed the main plans.

=> Then the electricity fuel price crisis crying out for a solution has sealed the fate.

You or one of our readers may be about to secure a wonderful place to live at this lighthouse station.

The plans for the Lighthouse Engine House have been APPROVED. Though in truth, it is up to the buyer to decide whether this GRANTED Planning Permission layout is perfect for them. The floorplan does seem very good. It is just the full door height (non-opening) window elevations that add some hassle.

=> We would recommend keeping the current windows where they are. They are perfectly good.

Outside, the installation of a more stable concrete ramp, enabling disability access can be installed. That way an interior raising of the floor by 2 feet 10 inches so the windows work as shown above would be excellent...

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Planning Permission


This building is currently in shell format. The other point that is important to clarify here and now is that there were concerns, raised by ourselves, that the proposed septic tank was too close to the cliff edge. Our professor of geology was quite clear when he visited in 2017… “The cliffs will last for millennia, just do not go drilling or digging new foundations within 20 feet of the edges!”

So the solution has been to GRANT A WAYLEAVE TO THE NEW OWNER OF THE ENGINE HOUSE to site a new septic tank much farther away from the main buildings.

Here is the draft plan for HM Land Registry/RoS…

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

New Septic Tank Location Wayleave Permission

Full Planning Permission: 2 Bed Home.

For Sale: “As Is”. Ready To Renovate.

Offers Over £149,000.

The site has full mains electricity + mains water + landline telephones and full broadband access.

Here is a ground level view of the Lighthouse Engine House…

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Pictured right of centre in the photo above

Full Planning Permission

& Building Warrant Detail

Click Here


Rightmove Agency Details

Click Here

Offers Over £149,000

TEXT: 0779 134 2742



Pirates Cove

Possible Cliff House

This Project Has No Planning Permission: Yet

Offers Over £15,000.

^^ The Pirates Cove ^^

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

We had originally placed this ADDITONAL plot of land for sale at £15,000. However, the six phone calls we have had about the Engine House in the first week ALL asked if the VERY BIG GARDEN could be included. By that they meant this large piece of land outlined in blue ink in the Land Registry based cadastral mapping plan.

The original sale of the Engine House was as a light industrial unit. It has subsequently changed hands since we used to own it. But the owner had a chenge in her circumstances and the property began to lay empty and unused. So we offered a full refund and an “ex gratia” payment to cover her costs.

=> Several months later, the Lighthouse Engine House is now within our ownership.

But as indicated earlier, our managing director had a stroke. So we have decided to test the water to see if any of our readers might like a prime piece of lighthouse station WITH aa fulsome set of PLANNING PERMISSIONS already GRANTED.

=> This represents an excellent lighthouse adventure with direct access to lighthouse owners who have over 30 years experience with these types of buildings.

In respect to the Pirates Cove land, one of our Unique Property Crew did pursue the idea of building a small Puffin Observatory with maybe a bunk bed and kitchenette into the cliff. 

^^ Magnificent Though Grumpy ^^

The Puffin Not The Photographer.

Though Les Armishaw is pretty magnificent.

At first the team at Unique Property were dreaming of something pretty substantial to view these amazing birds that come in serious numbers to visit us every year. Possibly a cliff building like this…

^^ Cliff House ^^

Photo Rendition: Alex Hogrefe

Then it became apparent a few wusses lurk amongst us. Wusses that are afraid of heights. This kind of thing…

^^ Cliff House ^^

Back To The Drawing Board…

^^ Cliff House ^^

Still A Bit “Out There”

Thin air between

the occupant and the rocks below.

^^ Och, Don’t Be Daft ^^

Seriously, would you live here?

It is not often you own a cliff and there is a huge temptation to build something interesting. Especially when you can see all this wildlife. On some days we have to drag poor, cold, wet whale-watching souls into the lighthouses to give them hot tea and warm them up. Those tend to be the dedicated whale-watchers. They get themselves all hypothermic just waiting. Why wait in such discomfort. So we kind of settled on a minimalist approach that we could share…

^^ Maralah, Calgary ^^

Pirates Cove: Possible Cliff House Site

Though Ideally This Will Be Used To Increase

The Plot Size of The Lighthouse Engine House.

Click Here

Pirates Cove: £15,000.

TEXT: 0779 134 2742


Drone Video

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

Before Renovation of Several Buildings

The Lighthouse Engine House is pretty much the last building at Noss Head Lighthouse Station that requires renovation. Arguably one of the easiest as it is not listed and the…

Planning Permission plus Building Warrants

have already been PASSED and GRANTED…

Click Here

To give you an idea of the layout of these buildings, here is a drone video that was taken shortly after we bought the lighthouse station on 23rd May 2017…

^^ Video Film ^^

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^

^^ Before Renovations ^^

EXT: 0779 134 2742


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Offers Over £149,000.

Lighthouse Engine House


More Lighthouse Buildings For Sale Soon

Full Planning Permission For Conversion

To A 2-Bedroom Detached Home/Holiday Letting

First Solid Offer At: £149,000.

Rightmove Details

Lighthouse Engine House

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