Unique Property Bulletin ~ 15th September 2018.

High Home For Sale – Kent

Castle Tower For Sale


Hadlow Castle Tower, Hadlow, Tonbridge, TN11 0ED

There is a desk located within this tower where we would imagine the likes of JK Rowling would be inspired to write one of her Harry Potter masterpieces…

A Desk Worthy of JK Rowling Writing A Classic Harry Potter Novel

Aspire To Spire – Castle in Kent

The proximity to London and exquisite nature of this property are what gives it the seven-digit price tag. For billion novel selling authors this is buttons, whilst we mere mortals may feel like the dungeon is all we can afford.

Hadlow Castle Tower – Location

Courtesy of Google Maps

But check it out, if this Dragon’s Den is the dungeon, well the comfort level is none too shabby…

Hadlow Castle Tower – Tasteful Dungeon

Summary of accommodation:-

Castle drawing room, dining room, kitchen/breakfast room, master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, 3 further bedrooms, 3 further bathrooms (2 ensuite), 2 further upper floors, media room. Fully serviced lift to the principal living accommodation, 2 staircases, roof terrace. Private garden and parking, communal castle estate grounds with croquet lawn and ornamental boating lake About 3.45 acres (2.89 acres communal grounds and 0.56 acre private grounds). Freehold.

Awesome Gothic Structure

Hadlow Tower is a Gothic Grade I Listed tower. The property has been meticulously restoration in 2013.

The accommodation is vertically placed on the principal first five floors. In all about 3,488 sq ft.

Communal access to the castle estate grounds with croquet lawn and ornamental boating lake About 3.45 acres (2.89 acres communal grounds and 0.56 acre private grounds).

Hadlow Castle Tower, Hadlow, Tonbridge, TN11 0ED

The former owners appear to have an interesting back-story, they paid …


…for the property (here). Since then, a huge amount has been expended restoring this monumental eye-catcher.

The tower was begun in 1838 to a design by naval architect George Ledwell Taylor. Constructed of brick and rendered with Roman Cement, it stands 53m high – 1m taller than Nelson’s column which was built at the same time – and is the tallest folly in the UK.

The current owners operate Hadlow Tower as a holiday rental business.

A brief examination of the holiday rate card gives an indication of the rental income possible…


Hadlow Castle – Example of Rental levels For Buy-To-Let Clients

Further information of the rental business side can be studied …

Here and Here to study the dedicated rental websites

Please note Hadlow Tower is FOR SALE and we are NOT advertising holiday rentals in this Bulletin listing. It is important to see the income level ballpark for potential buyers looking to purchase an investment building – especially our Unique Property Bulletin readers and clients who enjoy something a little bit interesting in their portfolio.

Creature Comforts?

That stag must have been charging towards the castle at a high speed!

The renovation is now complete and Hadlow Castle Tower is currently being let as holiday accommodation.

P.S. As an asides – for those unfamiliar with Unique Property Bulletin, since 1997 we have operated property clubs where a group of us join together and buy something that looks as though there is an adventure to be had. Hadlow Castle Tower is at the top end of what we can consider, but if any of our 366 UPS members would like to study and propose Hadlow Tower as candidate for our 28th project, please email UPSHQ or text us on:-

UPS Property Club Members Only – Text: 0793 557 2803.

We have an offer amount in mind and would certainly like to review this one if our UPS team think it passes muster.

One of The Bedrooms – Hadlow Castle, Hadlow, Tonbridge

Dining Room – Hadlow Castle Tower, Hadlow, Tonbridge

Floorplan: Hadlow Castle Tower, Hadlow, Tonbridge, TN11 0ED

For everyone who would like to consider buying this amazing structure…


Click Here

For Hadlow Castle Tower Sale Brochure


Unique Property Bulletin

Other Unique Property For Sale…

Stack Rock Fort

UPDATE: 20 April 2020.

Guide Reduced From £400,000 to £150,000.

Stack Rock Fort, South Hook, Milford Haven, SA73 3RU

A brilliant and inspiring property which was for sale earlier this year at £400,000. Possibly one for Unique Property Club members to consider in our search for candidate UPS27? Telephone UPS-HQ if you fancy this one. Even at the new guide of £150,000, please factor in the £150,000 to £250,000 minimum cost to make part of it habitable! The Listed Building narrative is a first point of reference: here.

Stack Rock Fort, South Hook, Milford Haven, SA73 3RU

Other folk have managed to convert these styles of island fort building: examples here.

Stack Rock Fort, South Hook, Milford Haven, SA73 3RU

Maybe ADDING one of these cable cars would make this island fort a must-go-to destination…

Installing A Cable Car To Stack Fort Rock Would Cure A Lot of Problems

For current sale details of the island fort “as is”…

Guide: £150,000.

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Something like this water tower: guided at just £4,000.

(though this tower lot made a more – details later on)

This is just one of many unusual buildings we find.

Now you can use some of our techniques to find your favourite flavour of amazing building AND for sale in  our location NEAR TO YOU.

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Special Feature Article.


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 26th September 2018.

Impossible Builds

Unique Property Bulletin is delighted to be of help to Charlie Luxton’s researchers in this new series..

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First episode: 9pm on 27th September 2018

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Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 10th September 2018.

Haile Sands Fort

Exclusive Advance News For Unique Property Bulletin Readers

Price Reduction

This unique island fort’s price…

WAS: £250,000.

Now it is guided at

Offers: £100,000 to £150,000.

Haile Sand Fort, Gayton Le Marsh, Tetney, Lincolnshire, DN36 4EZ

Illustrious guests to this £100,000+ island fort…

Robson Green Ready For His Visit

Filming at Haile Sands Fort earlier this year.

The Tide Is In – This Is A Tidal Island Fort.

Please exercise caution when walking on the beaches

The tide comes in quite quickly here by the fort.

This fort structure was for sale a couple of years at £250,000 but a change in family circumstances mean the owner has decided to sell at a very competitive price



and include either your email or home address in that….

TEXT TO: 0757 2768 795.

The auction details are being prepared. Unique Property Bulletin readers have special advance notice so as to arrange solicitors + due diligence + funding etc.

OFFERS OVER £100,000.

Click Here 

For More Details of Haile Sands Fort 

Haile Sands Fort

Photograph Courtesy of Alan Hilditch

Click Here For Haile Sands Fort Page


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 31st August 2018.

Tollgate Thatched Cottage For Auction

Much Reduced Price

Was: £515,000

Now guided at: £380,000 – or maybe less…

Tollgate, Southend, Ogbourne St. George, Marlborough, SN8 1SG

This picture postcard thatched cottage was originally for sale at £515,000 (here).

Then it was reduced, but failed to sell at £380,000 (here).

Tollgate, Southend, Ogbourne St. George, Marlborough, SN8 1SG

Tollgate, Southend, Ogbourne St. George, Marlborough, SN8 1SG

Tollgate, Southend, Ogbourne St. George, Marlborough, SN8 1SG

Now this chocolate box cover style cottage is for sale at Chris Glenn’s Barnard Marcus Auction in London on 17th September 2018…

Chris Glenn Will Be Auctioning Tollgate Cottage on 17th September 2018

You can find out more from the auction house – maybe even test to see if say £325,000 for example, might capture this beautiful looking house…

Barnard Marcus Auction House Tel: 020 8741 9990

Please let them know you found this listing in Unique Property Bulletin

That helps us help you.

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For Tollbooth Cottage Details


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 16th August 2018.

London: E14

Dunbar Wharf – Home For Sale

Unique 3 Bed Freehold House. Former Dunbar Wharf Building – Thames-side Location

Plus Garaging At This House…

3 Bedroom Freehold House: Dunbar Wharf, Narrow Street, London, E14 8BP

For decades here at Unique Property Bulletin we have been asked to feature unusual property in London. It is rare to be able to do this as these buildings tend to get snapped up quickly in the often febrile Capital housing market. So we are delighted to include something a bit special: a waterside home in London with large interior spaces to enjoy. If you are interested, please don’t hang about before you view – the properties don’t hang about either before they have a ‘sold’ sign stuck on their details!

Cavernous Space By Capital Standards: Almost 3,500 Square Feet In Total

This is a three bedroom home in a Grade 2 listed warehouse conversion at E14 in London. It is freehold. The conversion of Dunbar Wharf building is an incredibly well transformed piece of London’s industrial heritage. Named after Duncan Dunbar, a wine and spirit merchant.

In a will, dated 13th July 1859 and latterly proven by executor on 26th March 1862, Dunbar Wharf was bequeathed to his son, a shipping magnate of the mid 1800s.

Details of the Will authored by Duncan Dunbar: Click Here.

In the 1800s, the fleet of mercantile ships were magnificent and substantial in size for that era. Often in excess of 1,000 tons. To gain an idea of the class of vessel: click here. See how many Dunbar ships are within the range of gorgeous portraits. Okay I am waxing a bit with the lyrical, but ships are in my DNA – after all, I am from a small island

Better still, rather than just look at paintings of old ships, you have the world famous Tea Clipper Cutty Sark (2,100 tons) just an 18 minute walk away from Dunbar Wharf and is well worth a visit to give you an appreciation of the seafaring vocation that the Dunbar family were immersed in…

From Dunbar Wharf To The Tea Clipper Cutty Sark: A Well Worthwhile 18 Minutes Walk

In our eyes, the beautiful Tea Clipper, The Duncan Dunbar gives a taste of that era – as if the tea she brought back to Britain hasn’t given enough of another sensory legacy…

Tea Clipper: Duncan Dunbar. 1,374 Tons. Built 1857.

By T.G. Dutton, printer and engraver; Day & Son; William Foster (publisher)
Hand-coloured lithograph. Royal Museums Greenwich, London

Whilst The Clipper Duncan Dunbar is not included in the sale, this wonderful historic building with a wealth of interesting detail is for sale. Studying the past of this amazing house can lead to some fascinating finds. Even just a short study yields a bounty that helps to bring this buildings previous incarnation into vivid focus.

Click Here for Duncan Dunbar research by Duncan Dunbar-Nasmith.

Click Here for further insight into the history of Dunbar Wharf.

Here at Unique Property Bulletin we don’t get to feature many buildings of this mercantile calibre – okay our lighthouses at Noss Head are another example of seafarer related buildings with fine views, but that is the far north. Dunbar Wharf is in the capital and that is a rare thing for us to be able to illustrate and narrate…

3 Bedroom Freehold House: Dunbar Wharf, Narrow Street, London, E14 8BP

A unique conversion of a historic Grade 2 Listed former shipping wharf in the Capital.

Photograph From 116 Years Ago: Shallow Barge To & From Tea Clipper In Deep Water

200 Years Old & Modern Luxuries Now Make This A Delightful Home

Both the kitchen and the bathroom facilities are contemporary, but sit well in this character filled space…

Modern Bathroom Facilities

The accommodation is spread over three floors at the street frontage and two at the Thames frontage. The vaulted top floor adjacent to the river presents an impressive space – especially by the Capital’s often cramped standards elsewhere in the city.

Dunbar Wharf House – Floorplan

For Guide Purposes Only. Please Do Not Scale

There are 3 bedrooms plus a galleried mezzanine/office. On the living room level, the master suite with dressing area and bathroom can be found.

Bedroom 1 – Dunbar Wharf House

Bedroom 2 – Dunbar Wharf House

Bedroom 3 – Dunbar Wharf House

On the ground floor the huge open plan family kitchen/dining/lounge room. The brickwork, timber and wooden beams reinforced with steel plus the double wooden loading doors opening out to a fine view the River Thames. There is also a utility room, guest powder room and wash basin and separate WC.

Mezzanine Home-Office

There are genuinely too many character features for us to list in this piece of editorial. A favourite that we cannot miss out, is, of course the beautiful spiral staircase…

A very desirable asset to this property can be found on the ground floor – private garaging. This was, of course, the old loading dock. with access from the street or via the entrance hall providing loads of space for storage or development. In London any house with it’s own garage is becoming a bit of a rarity.

Juliet Balcony & Fine Thameside Location

3 Bedroom House, Dunbar Wharf, Narrow Street, London, E14 8BP

3 Bedroom House, Dunbar Wharf, Narrow Street, London, E14 8BP

3 Bedroom House, Dunbar Wharf, Narrow Street, London, E14 8BP

Estate Agent For Details & Viewings Telephone: 020 7917 9995

Full Details of Dunbar Wharf Conversion: Click Here.


Unique Property Bulletin – Latest Addition: 16th August 2018.

London: SE9

Tarn Lodge, Court Road – Price Reduction: Was £2,000,000

Unique 5 Bedroom Detached House

Now: £1,850,000. For London prices, that is very good, given this is a lot of building and land for the money.

Unassuming: At First Glance: But….

The Architect Designed Gardenside Glass Extension Is A Glittering Masterpiece.

Here at Unique Property Bulletin, what struck us about this detached 5 bedroom home in London is the contrast between old and new; both counterpoint and complementing each side of 100 years. All under one roof.

You have the what was a keeper’s cottage from 1910 to a finely crafted marriage of modern day architecture and Edwardian elegance.

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ – Gardenside View

Dear Green Place – In London.

During sunny days, enjoy the ample glazed modernity at the gardenside aspect. On winters night, snuggle up in the protective comfort of parts built by talented stonemasons born in Queen Victoria’s days.

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ

The mezzanine style balcony gives a view through the full height glazed architectural feature to the garden.

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ

Old Meets New, Meets Old, Meets New. We Love it.

Summary: 5 bedroom detached home. Freehold. Recently renovated. No chain. Ample off street parking & detached garage. Large family garden. Original features. Approximately: 3468 square feet internal area.

Tarn Lodge: Floorplan

For guidance – please do not scale

This Edwardian keeper’s cottage, has been lovingly preserved, in particular the main reception room to the complete with beautiful timber vaulted ceiling, grand marble fireplace and wall panelling and high skirting. In fact it was this impressive room that prompted the current Vendor to purchase the home in 2003.

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ

Tarn Lodge is constructed of red brick with half-timbered gables with architectural elements such as the Tuscan columns dating from around 1900- 1910. This would have served as a small keeper’s cottage for the Tarn, and probably replaced the original ‘Keepers House’ dating around 1839. Positioned on the edge of The Tarn which is a survival from Richard II’s Medieval Great Park which is a beautiful landscaped garden and lake with interesting wildfowl and a bird sanctuary, this property and garden offers an unparalleled tranquillity hard to find in London.

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ

This vaulted ceiling is a masterpiece in creating that large space feel, from what used to be a small small cottage. Helped of course by the designer glazed extension.

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ

Cosy winter nights with the logs on the hearth, in this beautiful Edwardian lodge, with a great deal of 21st century modernity…

 Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ – The Kitchen

All this detached home package sits within minutes of access to all areas – of London…

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London: Location Map

Courtesy of Google

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ – Garden View Mezzanine Above The Kitchen

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ Architectural Glazed Extension Leads To The Garden

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ

Strikingly modern. If our Unique Property Bulletin brigade still worked in London, we would love to live here. How about you?

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ


PRICE REDUCED FROM £2,000,000 TO £1,850,000

Tarn Lodge, Court Road, London, SE9 5AQ

Estate Agent For Tarn Lodge Details & Viewings – Telephone: 020 8012 0952

Full Details of Tarn Lodge: Click Here.


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 21st July 2018.

Angeley Island Coaching Inn & Stables

For Auction

Price Reduced

Guide Now: £315,000


Click Here For The Auction Website

Mona Inn, Holyhead Road, Mona, Boddfordd, Isle of Anglesey

Here is a great deal of property for the money. A former coaching inn PLUS a large set of stables and a nice piece of land – all on the lovely Island of Anglesey. Here at Unique Property Bulletin we are sorely tempted to put in an offer, but have enough property club activity with the lighthouse buildings at Noss Head, the Arran project and ‘that’ wee building by the Carnoustie Golf Course.

So if you like to get your monies worth and are up for a challenge, this wonderful set of buildings on the Island of Anglesey has had a significant reduction in price. Originally well over half a million pounds was sought. Now the auction guide is £315,000 and we reckon someone is going to win a life changing unique property on 23rd August 2018.

Back in the day, you would need to catch this omnibus to get there…

In The ‘Olden Days’ 

When Russ Looked After The Dinosaurs As Jack & Evie Would Say

In fact 203 years ago, a huge project – a main road was built by Thomas Telford from London to Holyhead as the most efficient way to get from the British Capital to the Irish Ferry. That was at a time when horses had to be properly rested – literally at staging posts along the route.

Hence these amazing stables. Nowadays the horse-houses are no longer needed, so these tantalising structures can make great holiday accommodation for guests travelling to and from Ireland. A fascinating opportunity to convert the old buildings into something of contemporary use, and into the bargain, prevent them being lost through slow decay over time…

Mona Inn: The Stables, Isle of Anglesey

What would you do with all this amazing property? The ideal would be to optimise the significant number of folk passing on their way to and from the busy island port of Holyhead. Anglesey has two main bridges and a great deal to offer before the large number of tourists leave in either direction (by ferry or bridge). You could be the owner of one of the places they would visit if you win this lot at auction. 

The Menai Straits, Isle of Anglesey

The Menai Strait Bridge along with the Britannia Bridge are primary routes from the mainland to the Island of Anglesey. Childhood holidays here 40 years ago still provide great memories for this Bulletin writer. This is a wonderful part of the country to live in. Here is an aerial view of the variou buildings you would buy for the guide of £315,000…

Mona Inn, Boddfordd, Isle of Anglesey. Guide: £315,000.

If you are looking to return this old coaching inn and stables to their former glory, something that you may well like to study is the huge volume of traffic that travels past to one of the busies ports in the UK – Holyhead: click here.


Holyhead Ferry Terminal, Isle of Anglesey

Photo (c) Stanford Ellis

The location of Mona Inn, and indeed Anglesey is good and central for all parts of the UK and Ireland…

Mona Inn, Boddfordd, Isle of Anglesey. Location

Map (c) Courtesy of Google

This auction lot on Anglesey Island will be on our radar at 23rd August 2018. If you don’t buy it, then in a few months time when our unique property club is looking for the next adventure (number 26), this will certainly be a candidate. Our 366 club members are pretty selective, and we really rate this set of buildings as top quality project material.

For now though, we have enough on our plate, so we wish YOU a great deal of good fortune if this is the style of unique property that gets you excited. Please let us know how you get on. Bon chance.

Click Here For Mona Inn Details


Unique Property Bulletin

Back To Normal One Day?

For well 30 years, Unique Property Bulletin has been helping our readers get into property adventures with all sorts of unusual places to call home.

New Home For Unique Property Bulletin

Ensuring we can help our readers for decades to come.

Photograph courtesy of Oracle Drone Services.

The Unique Property Bulletin is a free publication created to help you find your dream home – something that excites you specifically. We used to publish a new edition every Sunday evening in a magazine format with several unusual properties and a number of feature articles. But for the past year we have been on semi-sabbatical, with much lighter content – simple, single posts every few days.

In order to guarantee the future of this not-for-profit website, and ensure we can help you find, fund and have fun with your own flavour of unusual home, we had to follow our own advice: do something radical…

On 23rd May 2017 we bought a lighthouse station.

Regular readers will understand why. But if you are new to this publication, you might like to put the kettle on, have a cup of tea and join us for ten minutes to read the reasons that this unique endeavour was necessary – and importantly, how we might just inveigle you into a great new adventure of your own.

To learn more, please: Click Here


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 12th July 2018.

Amazing Tonwell Tower For Sale

Pre-planning Enquiry Positive For Residential Conversion

Guide: £30,000. Sold: In Excess of £100,000.

Tonwell Water Tower, Temple Lane, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 0HP

Photograph Kindly Taken By Melvyn Cousins

This is one of the most remarkable water towers for sale that we have ever featured. Designed by renowned architect Edmund Percey, it has some relatively simple, yet striking features that mark it out as an exceptional building.

The guide of £30,000 is worth reflecting upon, given the spate of water towers we have had on Unique Property Bulletin over the past few weeks. Especially when you see the completed conversions going for £500,000+. Maybe time to get the slide rule and calculator out. If not for the love of the building, then a look at the numbers and upcycling of a fine piece of architecture may well give you a fascinating adventure – and a tidy next egg into the bargain.

Tonwell Water Tower, Temple Lane, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 0HP

The old water authority that commissioned this spent more than required for a bog standard utilitarian structure. For decades this building has drawn interest. From ourselves admiration at what Edmund Percey created. For the love of buildings is a mantra we are fond of reciting and this was built with that in mind.

Constructed in 1964, it wasn’t until 2007 that the design captured a prestigious Grade II listing.

Tonwell Water Tower, Temple Lane, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 0HP

Tonwell water tower has a capacity of 50,000 gallons and this capacity, now disused, should help you get a ballpark idea of the room you would have to play with. Bet you wish you’d paid more attention to the maths teacher in school! No use looking at us for an idea of how many square feet or cubic metres you can fit into a cylindrical 50,000 gallon container – none of us have a Scooby Clue! Though we bet that somewhere on Google, a little detective work and a slide rule (calculator to anyone under 50) will help immeasurably in establishing if you can fit a 2 bedroom house into that big tank in the sky!

Tonwell Water Tower – Land To Be Conveyed Shaded Light Blue On The Plan

Subject to the normal conveyancing due diligence.

On the ground, there is a relatively small plot of 0.1 acre, mainly laid to grass with chain linked fence panels. It is entirely possible to build extra house accommodation there, subject to the requisite planning permissions.

Tonwell Water Tower – Design Ideas?

The estate agency handling this sale has made enquiry of the local authority planning department and advises that they have had feedback to a pre-application request with a positive response for a potential conversion of the property to residential. Further details are available from agent. Prospective buyers should, of course, satisfy themselves as to the full planning process along with listed building consents that may be required prior to purchase.

Tonwell Water Tower, Temple Lane – Location Guide

Courtesy of Google Maps

Guide: £30,000

Under Offer: Click Here

Contact Details…

Telephone: Dalcour Maclaren 01622 609905
Tom Seckington: 07557 651210
Richard Sabin: 07342 074730

Click Here For Tonwell Water Tower Brochure

PDF Version: Click Here


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