This page details various types of speciality Unique Properties, collated from past issues and special features.


UKWMO Brundall Norfolk Underground Bunker

UKWMO Brundall, Norfolk. Coming Back Up For Sale - October or November 2017 Watch This Space For News Underground Nuclear Bunker, Royal Observer Corps Master Post, Brundall, Norfolk. Post 35, Number 6 Group (Norwich). UKWMO Bunker Brundall, Norwich, Norfolk A rare...
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Dec 2016 – UKWMO Nuclear Bunker. Penshurst, Sevenoaks


UKWMO Underground Nuclear Bunker

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April 2017 – Nuclear Bunker For Sale, Doncaster

Nuclear Bunker For Sale - SOLD Deep In Doncaster Former RAF Nuclear Bunker & Land At Moor Dike Road, Doncaster Photograph by kind permission of Mr Paul Jacobs (click here). You will need to be quick as this former nuclear bunker is going up for auction on 5th...
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