Dec 2016 – Holm of Grimbister Island, Orkney

Third Island For Sale In This Bulletin


Holm of Grimbister Island – With House

Here is a small island extending to about 40 acres for sale. The island benefits from being connected to mainland Orkney at low tide by a causeway.


Beautiful photograph by aerial photographer Tom Falcon Harding: click here

There is a period cottage providing basic accommodation and a traditional L-shaped steading with conversion potential.


Holm of Grimbister Island – Accessible By Causeway

The island benefits from being connected to mainland Orkney at low tide by a causeway. There is a small triangular parcel of land extending to about a 1/3 of an acre on the mainland and access rights to the A965 public road. Though when you look at the final causeway part, it seems a good idea to consider buying a Landrover or ATV.


Holm of Grimbister Island House

The land is all arable and is well fenced into 9 separate enclosures. In addition, a site has been leased for a 6 Kw wind turbine which provides electricity for the property and for export to the grid. Mains services are all connected to the island. Approximately 40 acres of island sanctuary.

Address: Holm of Grimbister Island, Near Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1TU

Guide: £300,000

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Contact Savills – Tel: 01343 823000 – Jamie Watson. Please can folk let the owner/agent know you found this island for sale in the Property Bulletin.

Dec 2016 – Palmerston Military Palace

Island & Fort – Truly Unique

Palmerston Military Palace in Pembrokeshire – Island 1


Thorn Island Fort, Angle, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire

Alternatively spelt “Thorne Island”

Thorne Island is situated close to the Pembrokeshire coast. A short boat trip to Milford Haven and about quarter of a mile offshore from the sandy beach of West Angle Bay.


Thorn Island Fort – Layout

The accommodation is contained primarily on the ground floor level around a large courtyard and had more recently been two bars, cloakrooms, games room, dining room, kitchen, nine/ten bedrooms (depending on format/layout), a shower room, two bathrooms, a sauna, two self-catering kitchens, a laundry and other ancillary rooms.


Thorn Island Fort – Interior Bedroom

More barracks than boudoir


Thorn Island Fort – Interior Lounge Area

Thorne Island has been uninhabited for a considerable time with some interiors are in a state of disrepair and it is envisaged a new owner will wish to reconfigure the accommodation.


Thorn Island – One of Many Bedrooms

Historical Note: The fort on Thorne Island was constructed of local stone between 1852 and 1854 as an outer defence to Milford Haven (back then a large naval base). It was designed for a garrison of 100 men. It was sold by the state in 1932 for conversion to a hotel and is Grade II* Listed as a well preserved Fort of Lord Palmerston’s Haven defences.

Possible mainland to island access solution – an idea just for fun…

Click on the following picture to see the monorail cycle pods in action…

Cycle Monorails May Have An Interesting Future – But Over Water? Not So Sure.


Thorn Island, Angle, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire

Address: Thorn Island, Angle, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, SA71 5BE

Guide: £550,000

Further Details: Click Here

Research Information (2011 sale): Click Here

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Google Interactive 3D Streetview: Click Here

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Please check with agent/owner that any given property is STILL for sale BEFORE travelling to view.

Contact – Tel Knight Frank Agencies: 01432 817398 Anthony Clay. Please can readers let owners/estate agents know that they found this island for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. In so doing, this encourages modest sponsorship for this website and keeps it free for all readers. Thank you.

Ailsa Craig Island

Ailsa Craig Island For Sale

Ailsa GG MAIN Resized

Ailsa Craig Island (c) 2014 Knight Frank

Out of respect for the principal parties involved in the triumvirate, but separate ownership of the three main elements of Ailsa Craig Island …

1] The Island, & Miscellaneous Buildings;

2] The Lighthouse Keepers’ Cottages, Pier, Railway, & Buildings;

3] The Lighthouse Tower & Engine Room;

… this website – Lighthouses For Sale – will now be reviewing the sale position of these elements on distinct and separate basis.

For clarity, the three elements on Ailsa Craig Island that currently have three separate owners will each have a new dedicated webpage on this website. Primarily to avoid confusion between the different land titles/buildings that ARE for sale, and those, at this time that are NOT for sale.

As the former owner of one of these parts of Ailsa Craig Island, I would recommend anyone with an interest – stakeholders, island visitors, prospective bidders, would be lighthouse building owners etc., to revisit this page and the two other Ailsa Craig pages during the course of April 2014. By the end of this month all three pages relating to Ailsa Craig will have been completely rewritten. Plus a lot of new, and pertinent information made available.

Very best regards,

Russ McLean

Russ McLean At Lighthouse AG


Russ McLean (c) 2005 Argyll Group plc


Former Owner: Ailsa Craig Lighthouse Complex [Excluding the Tower]

Lighthouses For Sale – Contact Page – Click Here


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