Sore Point

Ambulance Ferrying to Bramble Bush Bay (c) 2012 M Steel.


This feature is about former Ambulance Stations. As mentioned in our recent Bulletin of 15th July for Bridgenorth Ambulance Station, some listings can be a sore point with the local community.

 Former Bridegnorth Ambulance Station – now sold (c) 2012 FHP.


From experience these buildings, such as closed Ambulance Station, may make an ideal candidate for a mixed use planning consent application. That is to apply for residential use of part, with some form of amenity function for another part within the building. Even if this is simply a home-office lifestyle. The reason being that almost every big employer in the country started out as a one man or one woman band !

So if your preferred idea for a unique style home based business works out, you could very well have a couple of part time jobs for local folk to add onto your own home-work way of life.

This is just a thought, and possibly worth keeping in the back of your mind if you are looking to buy a former Ambulance Station. It is important to make sure certain community feelings are respected in this genre of building conversion. Not least because your prospective neighbours could have strong thoughts about losing a local facility. Especially one as sensitive as an Ambulance Station.

With this in mind, it is also important to reflect, in the current economic climate, that many of these buildings are being closed whatever and often in spite of local community views. Usually there is little we can do about it.

For the buildings to then lay empty and become a near derelict eyesore would be an insult to the previous use. So it behoves everyone to see if there is a fresh sustainable use these properties can be put to that serves a new purpose.

Hence our own suggestion that any change of use not be just a house or residential development, but if possible contain some form of community element, even if that is only the creation of a part time job or two in a section of the refurbished building used for a home-office lifestyle.

So sore point asides, here goes…….

Ambulance Station With Answers

Crowborough Ambulance Station (c) 2012 Bracketts Agency.


Following on from the narrative at the beginning of this article, here we have a prime candidate fro some form of conversion to a home and a semi-commercial function. The first floor has considerable potential to convert into a home, whilst the building is located in a predominantly residential area, so would stand a reasonable chance with a change of use to residential or part-residential usage. Looks quite good too don’t you think?

Location: Crowborough Ambulance Station, The Grove, Off South View Road, Crowborough, East Sussex,TN6 1NY.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £250,000.

Contact Bracketts Agency Tel: 01732 350503 – Jeff Moys.

Online Brochure ….


Ample Ambulance Station

Former Ambulance Station Winchelsea (c) 2012 Caxtons.


A huge area – 25,265 sq ft to play with. The premises are on Winchelsea Road, about half a mile from Dover Town Centre. Dover Harbour and the A20/M20/A2 are also within 1 mile. Dover is Europe`s busiest passenger ferry port and enjoys good road links via the A2/M2 and A20/M20 with London, as well as regular rail services from Dover Priory Rail Station. The town centre has a good range of local and national retailers. The property comprises a former ambulance station on a site of 0.58 acres Planning permission has been submitted for the construction of ten dwellings, details of which are available upon request. Prospective purchasers should make the own enquires of Dover District Council regarding their proposed use or redevelopment of the property.

Location: Former Ambulance Station, Winchelsea Road, Dover, Kent, CT17 9TT.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £400,000.

Contact Caxtons Surveyors Tel: 01227 788088.

Online Brochure ….

Winchelsea Ambulance Station Brochure – Click Here


Ambulatory Bargain


Former Ambulance Station, Stourbridge (c) 2012 FHP Properties.


Meanwhile over at Stourbridge, the authorities are selling off this big lump of land – almost a quarter of an acre. Plus around 275.73 m² (2,968 ft²) of building accommodation.

The usual ambulance vehicle garage bays, but there are examples of altering buildings sympathetically and converting at least some of these garage bays for office or residential use. All, of course, subject to the necessary planning and building warrants being obtained.

Location: Stourbridge Ambulance Station, Margaret Drive, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 1NE.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £150,000.

Contact FHP Properties Tel: 01159 507 577.

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