This Edition’s Unique Property Feature Introduction:-

A Penny, A Pint,

Or A Big Bright Light?

Candidate Properties: A former public convenience, or an old public house, or a wonderful lighthouse station.

Unique Property Syndicates are looking to reboot the earlier property club ventures with new Financial Services Act compliant projects. One reason? Unique Property Bulletin is outgrowing our current workspaces… 


One of Four Workstations: The Computers Are Breeding – Now 5 of Them

Plus 3 big monitors and 2 small screens – This volunteer’s living room is being invaded by internet technology.

In this Bulletin there is quite a lot of mileage to cover. The old unique property syndicates ran from 1998 to 2006. Following the banking crisis of 2007 the received wisdom was to put these property club ventures into hibernation until the shocked financial markets settled down. A lot of time has now past, and we are receiving more and more enquiries from Bulletin readers asking when the next unique property syndicate is going to happen. A major hurdle since 2012 has been the restructured FCA – Financial Conduct Authority and related raft of parallel legislation. We have spent several weeks wading through this.

Long story short, we now have confidence that the new FCA regulated crowdfunding websites are one of the most reliable ways to go, to restart the unique property syndicates: click here.

A primary task right now is to locate the best suited FCA regulated crowdfunding organisation for our future property clubs to work with.

Given that the first three years of our unique property syndicates during 1998 to 2001 had a healthy…

£714,172 Turnover

and produced a verified profit in excess of a quarter of a million pounds, to be precise…

£258,672 Gross Profit

…as formally confirmed by the solicitors: click here and here – then it is a reasonable deduction that we have a good case to present to a crowdfunder company in asking that they become our FCA approved intermediary for future projects. Our likely level of repeat business is in rude health. The 1998-2001 figure of £714,172 we raised back then, works out at £865,000 in 2016 monetary terms (here). Indeed when we add all of the earlier 18 unique property syndicates together from 1998 to 2006, we are over £2,400,000 turnover in current day terms. Fairly respectable given this stems from the desks of a few Bulletin volunteers working at their computer keyboards as pictured above.

Our Primary Aim For 2016 & 2017?

To reboot these syndicates by gently starting small again, and growing in a way that mirrors the success of our 1998 to 2007 period.

To study some of the earlier unusual buildings we purchased…

Click Here For The Unique Property Syndicate Background Webpage


 Moves = Profits!

The Old Unique Property Bulletin HQ

Harbour Offices, Old Quay, Campbeltown, Argyll

Whilst considering a much needed Unique Property Bulletin office move, the last time we managed something like this, it was from Harbour Buildings, Campbeltown to an office above an old derelict pub (here). That doesn’t sound too exciting, but we renovated the public house, turned the ground floor into a coffee shop and restaurant; the first floor into an office with a flat on the top floor. The ability to pop downstairs for a bite to eat and chat with friends made the often monastic existence of running websites balanced in a way that many internet workers will let you know can become challenging without the companionship of friends and colleagues sitting next to you. That is a whole other story for another day.

The £90,000 profit from that office move in 2005 is relevant to the current office move we are proposing for 2016 & 2017.

At this time, the two main websites – Unique Property Bulletin and Lighthouses For Sale – have around 78,220 unique ISP readers (not totally sure what ISP is, but our IT helper is fond of quoting the ISP numbers), plus 5,180 folk on the general Bulletin email alert list. The inbound emails, which all of us adore, are taking several hours a day to answer (we insist on proper and full replies to each). Just one office work-station of our four main Bulletin volunteers is photographed at the top of this page. Looking at that picture, the desk space is getting quite busy and crowded wouldn’t you reckon? All of us here can recognise when a project reaches a point where it needs to grow to a new level. Some have direct experience in venture capital and job creation (here). All things considered, it is now time for the Bulletin to leave the nest and find it’s own home! What should we do for the best? Well that is included within of our main feature article below. This covers three element for this feature article and our rebooted Unique Property Syndicates, being…

1] Reboot the Unique Property Syndicates to fit in with the current FCA legislation.

2] New office for Unique Property Bulletin – just like the old days.

2] Establish a solid and enduring relationship with an FCA registered crowdfunding intermediary.

Can these three aims be achieved?

Yes we reckon they can – pictured below is a previous building that was the subject of an earlier office move from the old Harbour Offices to a temporary place to run this publication – an old building we bought and renovated. Our first floor office above the main restored coffee shop can be seen – click here.

The Old Coffee Shop – Middle Floor Offices For The Bulletin

The result? To be precise: £146,305 net inbound funds – and 12 new jobs.

In fact we managed over 36% gross profit when you study the medium term fine detail: click here.

Curious? Then have a read of this edition’s Feature Article at the last section of this Bulletin

Okay, the next candidate building for our unique property syndicate may be a little unusual, even by our standards. It should help us prove we can flush the cash from even the most challenging of projects. Literally – it is an old toilet building. Certainly not the “exotic” place of work that we had in mind for our imminent office move. But therein lays part of the appeal. Get the rehabilitation of this bog standard building right, and all of our property club members will enjoy a little bit of lucre out of the loo, plus have confidence that these property club syndicates can take on pretty much any building adventure. Also for this former public convenience, what many folk don’t see is the location, location, location aspect, being so close to Carnoustie Golf Club (here) and golf links (here).

Outlook From The Next Unique Property Bulletin HQ? – The Locally Renowned Dibble Tree

This is an old loo with a view – the adjacent Dibble Tree has unique history as the birthplace of Carnoustie (click here).

This old utility building candidate for the forthcoming unique property club number 20 is just a few paces from one of the most famous golf courses in the world (here). Therein lays some of the hidden value. Still dubious? Then study the hard numbers of the last time we looked at combining a Unique Property Bulletin office relocation with one of property syndicate clubs: evidenced by the nifty £146,603 on the bank slip illustrated earlier. Within our own group here at the Bulletin we already have £10,000 raised to buy this property (plus a likely £2,500 headed to top that within a few days of this article going online). This is before our 203 folk on the property club email alert review the building and study the form. To be clear, our eventual aim is to work from a converted lighthouse building, but in order to resolve the pressing call of local, accessible office space sooner rather than later, we have this nearby loo to renew and decant to. Plus the challenge that if we can rehabilitate an old toilet, then that augers well for pretty much any style and genre of unusual building that our reinvigorated unique property syndicate takes on.

Returning briefly to the ATM bank slip pictured above, please bear in mind that the Carnoustie loo building is on a proportionately smaller scale to the former pub that the bank statement above refers to. We cannot guarantee earlier successes, and need to advise anyone who might consider joining this small unique property syndicate to take independent financial advice.




The long term intention is to have many more unique properties come onto our books…

Coastguard Stations,

Water Towers,


Air Control Towers,

Nuclear Bunkers,

The A to Z of Unique Property.

1 Noss Head by Barry Scollay MAIN

On Our Radar: To Buy Another Lighthouse Station

But first, as a gentle way back to the full property syndicate functionality and our ultimate goal for this next series of unique property syndicate purchases, we are more than happy to bring meaningful life and use to diminutive WC at Carnoustie. A very modest Waterloo. 

The reason for restarting in a small, eminently manageable way with a diminutive building like the Carnoustie public convenience is to have the grace of time and space a light property club project gives us in sorting out the new legal protocols that have been introduced by the 2012 legislation and overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority. We have tackled some very big projects in the past a (here and here); these can be incredibly complex and demanding. For our next phase of property syndicates, hopefully folk will forgive us for restarting with something small and light in order that we can spend as much free time as possible, properly preparing the foundations of the finances and legal structures. We will be contacting Bulletin readers on our email alert list very soon with further news. If you would like to join our unique property email alert list, just type your name and email address into our contact page and include the word SYNDICATE into the subject line and we shall do the rest…

Click Here

To Receive News of THIS Unique Property Bulletin HQ Syndicate

The full feature appears later in this edition…


Regular Bulletin Listings Now Follow



UKWMO Underground Nuclear Bunker

For Sale

AAA Penshurst UKWMO Photo Courtesy of Mark Russell RSZ
UKWMO Penshurst For Sale, Sevenoaks, Kent

Photo with appreciation and attribution to Mark Russell

Bunker is kept as neat and tidy as the current owner’s time allows. Though in fairness we have been asked but the owner to mention the entrance area isn’t always this pristine.

These underground nuclear bunkers are genuinely rare. As the old phrase goes, they’ve stopped making them. Some are being lost to decay; the gentle physical type of deterioration – fortunately not the Plutonium 239 half-life decay type that the UKWMO bunkers were built to withstand as their raison d’être. Had things turned out differently during those 13 days of October 1963 when President Kennedy in America, and USSR General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev were squaring up with the Soviet Union parking missiles in Cuba just 90 miles from America, the world might have ended up a very different looking place.

As a fallout from this brush with nuclear war, many underground shelters were built. In the UK the government had their own official ROC UKWMO bunkers located across the country to report back on a range of observations made from these small rooms underground.

Click Here For The Talented Bob Marshall UKWMO Drawing

This edition of Unique Property Bulletin we can now exclusively reveal another of these UKWMO bunkers for sale. This one is at Penshhurst, Sevenoaks in Kent – about 33 miles from London.

AAA Penshurst UKWMO Photo Courtesy of Mark Russell - Below Ground
UKWMO Penshurst – Main Underground Room With Museum Display Equipment (not included in sale)

Photo with appreciation and attribution to Mark Russell

For the guidance of folk who are unfamiliar with these bunkers, the next picture/video is an EXAMPLE of a similar restored UKWMO bunker. Please note, the video is NOT the Penshurst bunker for sale, but an guide as to what you might expect on a generic basis. Most of these UKWMO bunkers are built to a standard government design.

Click on the picture to watch the video of a SIMILAR museum grade UKWMO Bunker

Please note the film above is of a generic UKWMO bunker and NOT specifically the Penshurst one we have for sale at this time.

Eventually decommissioned and sold off, UKWMO bunkers come up for sale on the private market from time to time. Here at Unique Property Bulletin we still don’t quite understand it, but whenever we get one of these UKWMO bunkers for sale, the click rate goes through the roof. Must be a lot of eccentric subterranean hobbit folk out there. Or perhaps some of our friends have been watching to many zombie apocalypse films.

AAA Underground Neighbours
Potential UKWMO Residents – Folk With A Similar Outlook To Us

Whatever the reason for interest when one of these structures comes up for sale, we get a real buzz in featuring them. We’ve also noticed if you Google “UKWMO nuclear bunker for sale” this website is starting to gravitate to occupy the top three results on mainstream internet searches. Even the fourth spot in a national newspaper originates from the Bulletin (here). So in a way, we can welcome you to UKWMO Central – a place to buy and sell old mole homes for underground dwellers.

AAA UKWMO Penshurst SubBrit

Access Portal Before Renovation.

Photograph with kind appreciation and attribution to Subterranea Britannica

The enthusiasm we have for the current Kent UKWMO for sale is that the owner has restored it to as near original condition as possible. So much so, that he has had museum open days for people curious to see one of these properties that dwell fifteen or so feet underground.

AAA UKWMO Penshurst Mark Russell
UKWMO Penshurst Nuclear Bunker: Access Portal After Renovation.

Photo with appreciation and attribution to Mark Russell

The second reason that we really like this particular bunker is it is near to a large centres of population. This is a key requirement for so many of our readers who have been seeking to buy one of these things. This bunker is just 33 miles from The Houses of Parliament. That is a mere one hour drive to the centre of government in the UK. Food for thought that had nuclear war come about, UKWMO Penshurst would have been one of the nearest bunkers to London. Belaying that Domesday thought, the close proximity to the capital makes it a lot easier to access for camping or glamping style weekends and general UKWMO activities – as opposed to some of the bunkers we have listed for sale which have been really quite remote and off of the beaten track.

If you have any questions, or would like to be introduced to the owner, please feel free to get in touch with us.

ROC Post: UKWMO Penshurst, Sevenoaks, Kent.

Address: Gated compound on the junction of Camp Hill and Compasses Rd, near Charcott, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN11 8LP

Guide: £29,950.

Further Details: Click Here

Further reading: Click Here

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here.

Map link: Click Here.

Main Contact & Further Details: Click Here. We will be happy to introduce you to the owner of UKWMO Penshurst.


Geographic Challenge

New guest presenter slot coming soon

Apologies for a recent lack of geographic diversity. One of our lot has burst another disc in his spine and only just gotten out of hospital. So when he writes an edition of the Bulletin, the physical geographic range is currently under 50 miles radius from home/hospital. A lot can be covered by virtual work on the internet to ensure all corners of the UK are featured, but this has limitations. Once our website sponsorship reaches a tipping point, we will be able to remunerate guest presenters to specialise around dedicated regions…

AAA Regions MAIN

If you would like to consider joining the Unique Property Bulletin team and writing a guest edition…

Click Here

All you need to do is drop us a line. It is likely we shall start the new guest presenter editions in January 2017 or shortly thereafter. These will simply be URL linked and plugged into our main website, but shall appear on the guest presenter edition pages…

Click Here To See Guest Presenter Edition Start-Up Slots

The Unique Property Bulletin will be evolving into more of an online magazine format. There will be a modest financial honorarium for guest presenters to research, write and assemble a full Unique Property Bulletin edition. Rates will likely be around the current NUJ guidelines: click here. We aim to remunerate far better than Drive In Magazine, but perhaps not quite as generous as Practical Photography. More along the lines or Workstyle. Subject to our website sponsors generosity, and please remember Unique Property Bulletin is a not-for-profit entity and we are aiming to keep it that way. Our intention is to alternate remunerated editions with the ones put together by volunteers. The guest presenter version will be 4,000 to 5,000 words. To ensure a fair way of saying thank you, the new guest presenter slots will attract a modest financial appreciation for those contributing an edition of the Bulletin. Actual rates on application. Please do not send copy in without first clearing it with our main editor. Thanks.


Affordable London


AAA The Ham, Brentford, TW8 8EX Boat
Grand Union Canal At The Ham, Brentford, TW8 8EX

A short while ago we suggested an affordable way to live in London – by buying a canal boat and mooring. The Unique Property Bulletin page click-through rate was significantly high and surprised us a bit. So in case any readers, new and old, missed the possibility of a home in London for £75,000 – here is another candidate.

AAA The Ham, Brentford, TW8 8EX
Tidy Interior – More Photos – Click Here

Located on the Grand Union Canal at Brentford. Has a 24 year residential mooring; sun deck, open plan galley/kitchen. This narrowboat has been recently refitted and includes a solid wood burner, a tiled shower room and two berth cabin. Brentford High Street is a short walk away.

One of the benefits of a home afloat is you can up anchor and go for a cruise. A little trip along the Grand Union Canal brings you to some very nice spots…

AAA Grand Union Canal - Brentford

A Short Cruise To: The Thames Lock on the Grand Union Canal, Brentford

Address: Grand Union Canal At The Ham, Brentford, TW8 8EX

Guide: £75,000 for boat and mooring

Further Details: Click Here

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here

Google Map Location: Click Here

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here

Contact: Click Here. Please can folk make first contact for this property via Unique Property Bulletin. We are then able to demonstrate to the estate agents selling each property that our not-for-profit websites help their clients, and in so doing can encourage them to support the Bulletin. We monitor our email inbox at least three times per day, so will make the introduction for you promptly. By helping us this way, we can continue to help you. A virtuous circle.


Wonders of Windmill Life

High Life In Chesterfield, Derbyshire


The Old Windmill, Ashover, Chesterfield

It is a little kept secret that the Bulletin’s favourite buildings happen to be lighthouses. The views are usually fabulous. The reason for lighthouses existing is exemplary. You can almost feel that in the DNA of each structure.

Having waxed with the lyrical, a good runner up to lighthouses are the traditional windmills. This prime example at Ashover has the views. They go for miles. The purpose is honourable too. This building must have produced food that fed thousands of folk. So I wonder what it would be like to live in a converted windmill. If you buy it, please can you email the Bulletin (here) and let us know how you get on. Thanks.

Agency narrative: Accessed via a private sweeping drive, set in approximately two acres and occupying an elevated position with panoramic countryside views. The windmill is built from stone and is a Georgian tower dating back to 1807. Following residential conversion, it now provides accommodation four floors of contemporary style and space. Whilst the former granary has also been converted to provide another flexible lounge area and guest bedroom with en suite.

There is a fine selection of interior and exterior photographs on the estate agency weblink below. Well worth a look.

Location: The Old Windmill, Matlock Road, Span Carr, Ashover, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S45 0LJ

Google Map Location: Click Here

Guide: £499,950

Further Details: Click Here

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here

Planning Research: Click Here

Contact: Click Here. Please can folk make first contact for this property via Unique Property Bulletin. We are then able to demonstrate to the estate agents selling each property that our not-for-profit websites help their clients, and in so doing can encourage them to support the Bulletin. We monitor our email inbox at least three times per day, so will make the introduction for you promptly. By helping us this way, we can continue to help you. A virtuous circle.


Lots of Points For This Unique Property

AAA Point Farm House 1RSZ

Point Farm, Cosheston, Pembroke Dock, Dyfed

This is pretty much a text book way of how to sell your home by utilising the best of new technology and online life.

Apart from ticking many unique property boxes – interesting buildings, lovely waterside location, extra outbuildings with planning permission (click here), the owners have gone to the trouble of providing a couple of excellent features which in our humble opinion is the way to go in selling a property online. The first is to commission an aerial video with dynamic flyover perspective covering the central farm buildings plus 9 acres of farmland and waterside access…

Click on the picture above to watch the aerial film footage of Point Sands Farm & Fields

The second top mark initiative is to give an interactive map of photographs taken around the property…

Click here for working photo-map

AAA Point Farm House Interactive MapRSZ

Point Farm – Interactive Photo Map

Click here for working photo-map

A summary description follows, but the Bulletin commends this property on the basis that a picture paints a thousand words, and there are lots of lovely pictures to study in the online website the owners have dedicated for the sale of this wonderful homestead.

AAA Point Farm House 4RSZ

Point Farm, Cosheston, Pembroke Dock, Dyfed

Waterfront on the banks of the Cleddau, the tidal Milford Haven waterway. On the edge of the National Park with 20 miles of river sailing and 10 miles from the open Irish Sea. An unspoilt unmodernised 18th century farmhouse and curtilage.

A part converted former barn, milking parlour, and calf sheds making a 2nd dwelling with its curtilage.

Click Here For Interactive Photo Map At Main Buildings

AAA Point Farm House Interactive Plan

Point Farm – Building Plan Layout

Click Here For interactive photo map at main buildings

There are about 9 acres of farm land, with the whole site being approximately 10 acres in all. A river frontage pasture ensuring privacy and 3/4 acre paddock/growing ground, south facing with good soil untouched by chemicals. There is a workshop and other outbuildings.

The favoured village of Cosheston with a good primary school and pub is 3/4 mile away up an unmade-up farm track.

AAA Point Farm House 3RSZ

Point Farm, Cosheston, Pembroke Dock, Dyfed

The present owners lease a deep water and a drying mooring and there is a 50 foot floating jetty.

Possibly not for the faint-hearted and with work to be done. Own water supply and off grid, the complex comprising the whole Cosheston Point is a rare opportunity for one or more purchasers to pursue an interest in self sufficiency, sailing, fishing and alternative living or whatever else is their dream.

Address: Point Farm, Cosheston, Pembroke Dock, Dyfed, SA72 4UN

Guide: TBA – Please click on link for update: here.

Further Details: Click Here

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here

Google Map Location: Click Here

Telephone: 01646 622583

Contact: Click Here . Please can folk mention they found this property via Unique Property Bulletin. By helping us this way, we can continue to help you. A virtuous circle.


We Believe You Can Do This

If you fancy? An island and lighthouse for sale at a bargain price.

AAA Roancarrigmore Island Lighthouse 5

Roancarrigmore Island and Lighthouse, Bantry Bay, Cork West, Eire

Normally we would feature this island and lighthouse for sale later in the Unique Property Bulletin. List it at the “overseas/abroad” section. But here’s the thing, at just over £100,000 we know it is possible for the vast majority of readers looking at this website to buy this, so we are listing it early on in the current Bulletin. How do we think you can buy this? Well, in the late 1990s, when things were really bad here, after a serious accident requiring spinal surgery and money was tight, I would never have believed such a dream purchase as a lighthouse on an island was possible. Yet within 24 months of there being little hope, the sun shined, a boat appeared, an island lighthouse was bought and back then a minor miracle happened. A small group of friends cobbled together a few thousand pounds each, £6,000 to be precise. That just grew and grew via our unique property syndicate club. The pictures of a small island lighthouse featured in this Bulletin in 1999 turned into something very real – as can be seen by clicking here. That was in Scotland 16 years ago. For this current August 2016 edition of the Unique Property Bulletin we have a fabulous island and lighthouse for sale in Bantry Bay, Ireland (approximately 200 miles ass the crow flies north-west-west from Penzance in Cornwall. More traditionally: click here), and at an affordable price which we’ve seen achieved by unique property syndicate members time after time. If in doubt, check out what our unique property club solicitors have to say: click here and here.

So if this style of unique property floats your boat, best find a way of taking a few days out to travel and inspect what is a genuinely unique property. To establish whether it is of interest, take a few moments to watch this beautifully filmed video…

Please click on the picture above to view the lighthouse and island video

Agency narrative: The property comprises Roancarrigmore Island including the former light keeper’s house and the decommissioned lighthouse. Located in a spectacular setting of Bantry Bay, off the South West coast of Ireland, this stunning lighthouse and light keeper’s house were constructed in 1847 and are located east of Bere Island nestled between the Beara and Sheep’s Head Peninsulas.

AAA Roancarrigmore Island Lighthouse 9b

Roancarrigmore Island, Bantry Bay, Cork West, Eire

The buildings on the island comprise of the Lighthouse together with an attached two storey residential building, external storage buildings and an internal courtyard with an assortment of small auxiliary storage units.

The Lighthouse has been a guiding vessels in Bantry Bay for generations and was manned until 1975 when the lighthouse was automated. The historic Lighthouse itself is decommissioned but please note Irish Lights have installed and operate a stainless steel solar powered beacon and will retain a way leave to maintain same.

AAA Roancarrigmore Island Lighthouse 3

Roancarrigmore Island, Bantry Bay, Cork West, Eire

Located approximately 2 km from the mainland, access is by boat from the adjacent piers or from Castletownbere pier which is just over 1 hour away. Castletownbere is a vibrant seaside fishing town positioned on The Ring of Beara surrounded by high rugged mountains and overlooks the spectacular Berehaven Harbour. Situated on the Wild Atlantic Way, all essential services including schools, shops, restaurants and churches are available locally in Castletownbere with a further choice in the nearby towns of Kenmare and Bantry. Kerry Airport is accessible within 90 minutes which services daily flight.

Address: The Lighthouse, Roancarrigmore Island, Bantry Bay, Castletown, Berehaven, Cork West, Eire.

Guide: Euro130,000 = approximately GBP£110,206 – Click Here

Further Details: Click Here

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here

Google Map Location: Click Here

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here

Contact: Click Here. Please can folk make first contact for this property via Unique Property Bulletin. We are then able to demonstrate to the estate agents selling each property that our not-for-profit websites help their clients, and in so doing can encourage them to support the Bulletin. We monitor our email inbox at least three times per day, so will make the introduction for you promptly. By helping us this way, we can continue to help you. A virtuous circle.


Fred Dibnah – House and Museum For Sale

Steeples, Steel, Steam, Stone & Splendid Showmanship

AAA Fred Dibnah House - 121 Radcliffe Rd - 1

Fred Dibnah House – 121 Radcliffe Rd, Bolton, Greater Manchester

Agency Narrative: Of interest to steam enthusiasts, this Grade II listed building is the former home of the late steeplejack and television personality Fred Dibnah. The building offers a chance to own something very special and preserve a piece of heritage. This property has featured in the many TV documentaries and films Fred made about his life; his passion for steam and interest in industrial heritage. The appearance is that of a single storey Victorian Gothic gatehouse from the front which was built around 1854. It was then sympathetically extended in 1990 to create a unique property having a traditional cottage feel with stone, tile and mock beams, feature fireplaces and a refurbished range all complemented by a fitted kitchen with Rayburn and a bathroom with shower.

Video – Leaving The House In Steam Style

The house plot adjoins the Fred Dibnah Heritage Centre, which is also for sale through Greenwood James, and includes his engine shed, workshops and a mine shaft – complete with winding gear. Please email for further details (click here).

AAA Fred Dibnah House - 121 Radcliffe Rd - 2RSZ

Fred Dibnah House – Rear Elevation Showing The Full Two Storey Building

Overview – The house itself was originally built around 1854 and previously existed as a park keepers lodge. It is a Grade II listed building of a somewhat unique design, appearing to be single storey when viewed from the road, but being two storey at the rear.

Video Clip – Steeplejack: Climbing Up An Overhang For The Over 50s

The current owners also operate the adjoining Heritage Centre as a business, running tours of the works and house, and even offering overnight stays in a guest bedroom in the house for the dedicated Fred Dibnah enthusiasts.

AAA Fred Dibnah By Chris Allen RSZ

Optional Extra – By Separate Negotiation: The Fred Dibnah Heritage Centre (here)

Photograph courtesy of Chris Allen

Greenwood James estate agency are also acting for the sale of the adjoining Heritage Centre which means that there is the opportunity to either own and run the business or to receive a rental income from the site. Please contact us for further details.

AAA Fred Dibnah Blue Plaque

AAA Fred Dibnah DVD

Industrial Age DVD (click here)

Address: Fred Dibnah House – 121 Radcliffe Rd, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL2 1NU.

Guide: OIRO £450,000

Further Details: Click Here

Museum Website: Click Here

Fred Dibnah Online Biography: Click Here

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here

Google Map Location: Click Here

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here

Contact: Click Here. Please can folk make first contact for this property via Unique Property Bulletin. We are then able to demonstrate to the estate agents selling each property that our not-for-profit websites help their clients, and in so doing can encourage them to support the Bulletin. We monitor our email inbox at least three times per day, so will make the introduction for you promptly. By helping us this way, we can continue to help you. A virtuous circle.


Thank you

Apologies for Unique Property Bulletin skipping a beat and our July 2016 edition going AWOL. Sadly a family illness turned into a bereavement. Everyone here has been knocked six foot sideways. Starting to get back to some form of normality now. A big and heartfelt thank you to those who sent kind messages. These really helped. 


Bargain Bank In Beautiful Cumbria

For sale at just £45,000 by the world’s second oldest profession

Hilariously with a caveat that a new owner cannot install a big red light and run the worlds oldest profession from these premises!

1 Bank Lake District

The Old Bank, Sedbergh, Cumbria

Have you ever had the ignominious experience when young of having to sit in front of a dreadful bank manager and be lectured on financial prudence by a profession that subsequently brought the world to it’s financial knees in 2007, and for which we still pay £2 billion a year in interest – for their quantitative easing? If so, please be our guest and enjoy the irony of owning the errant bank manager Captain Mainwairing’s desk, chair, and office etc.

1 Bank Lake District 2
The Former Bank Manager’s Office, Sedbergh, Cumbria

If you live in the glorious Yorkshire Dales National Park (or would like to), here is a wonderful opportunity. With 1,711 square feet to play with, you may well get change of use planning permission for business+residential. Thereby achieving a unique home and home-based lifestyle. Though bear in mind you are prohibited from using this old bank as a knocking shop. Personally I think there is more honour in a brothel than a bank, but that is a whole other conversation.

Not Allowed…

1 Red Light

Forbidden Fruit – & Forbidden Use Change. No Red Light Business Allowed Here.

Address: The Old Bank, 54 Main Street, Sedbergh, Cumbria, LA10 5BL

Guide: £45,000

Further Details: Click Here

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here

Google Map Location: Click Here

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here

Contact Pugh Auctioneers – Tel: 0844 2 722444. Please can folk mention to the estate agent that they found this former bank for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Brexit – Food For Fort – Save $54,000

Real Life EU Effect – Lincolnshire

1 Haile Sand Fort 2

Haile Sand Fort, Gayton Le Marsh, Tetney, Lincolnshire

There is almost an overdose of political news with the Brexit issue and whatever your viewpoint, it is probable that the majority reading this have some EU Referendum fatigue? Though with London City banks announcing 3,000 banking jobs being moved from the capital to Dublin and Frankfurt and the prospect an avalanche of banking jobs moving away from Britain. Added to concerns about major UK/Japanese car manufacturer considering 6,000 jobs being taken from the north of England and going to Europe after Brexit, there are bound to be genuine concerns for many. There seems to be a lot of bleakness in outlook.

1 Haile Sand Fort 5

A Passing Boat Gives An Idea of The Fort’s Scale & Size

So it was kind of odd to have not one, but five inbound emails relating to Brexit within days of the result being declared on 24th June 2016. Two from America, one from Canada, one from Germany and the last (so far) from England. All were asking about property prices in the UK. The American lady was very switched on and had already figured out something that we would have taken a while for the old collective brains her to get around to. So thank you to our American friend for introducing a little positive light an we focus this upon the Haile Sand Fort.

1 Haile Sands Fort Photo Steve Fareham 2

The Sun’s Golden Glow Gives Even An An Old War Fort A Beautiful Appearance

The trigger for this enquiry? The lady was asking if her calculations on the UK asking price of GB£300,000 being converted to US dollars was correct? The numbers had gone from $450,000 at a peak on Thursday 23rd June 2016 (here) and would appear to have dropped to $396,000 as at the day of our reply.

A factual saving

Caused by Brexit. But for this American  reader, if she proceeds she hang onto…

$54,000 dollars

There is volatility in this, but Brexit seems to have an odd silver lining.

Update – even lower in dollars. August 2016: exchange rate now shows Haile Sand Fort in US Dollars at $392,347 (here).

About 5% of our readership live in America and Canada. 15% from the rest of the world. So if you are reading this as an ex-pat, or buyer from off UK shores, maybe get the calculator out to see what you might be saving?

Address: Haile Sand Fort, Gayton Le Marsh, Tetney, Lincolnshire, DN36 4EZ

Guide: £300,000 – In US dollars, this ranges between $396,000 and $450,000 depending on exchange rates.

For current exchange rate calculator: Click here.

Further Details: Click Here

Google Map Location: Click Here

Beautiful Artwork: Click Here

Contact – We are delighted to introduce you to the owner of Haile Sand Fort: Click Here


Ailsa Craig Railway - Winch House - Photo By Sea Kayak

Fancy Buying A Winch House & Small Railway?

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A Windlestone Hall of old

Windlestone Hall, Rushyford

This former mansion was controversially sold of by Durham County Council in 2012 for just £241,000 (click here). It is now back up for sale at £2,500,000.

Putting the debate about council valuations aside, there are some magnificent buildings being sold off by local councils all around the country.

You may well have council properties like this being sold near to you. Our special feature article shows you how to find them IN ADVANCE and get all your finances, surveys and due diligence sorted in plenty of time so that you have a viable bid ready to submit when the council get round to disposing of the surplus property. Be it a diminutive loo with a watery throne, or a stately pile with a gilded seat.

Whether you are looking for an old fire station, nuclear bunker, stately home, public convenience, museum, library or police station…

There are often dozens upon dozens hundreds of unique properties available…

Locally to you.


Another Whirl

A second windmill for this Bulletin

This time in Skidby, East Yorkshire

1 Skidby Windmill, Beverley Road, Skidby, East Yorkshire 4

Skidby Millhouse, Beverley Road, Skidby, East Yorkshire

Skidby Mill is currently operated by East Riding of Yorkshire Council as a visitor attraction and is home to the Museum of East Riding Rural Life. Open all year round and set within an acre of land which includes a children’s play area.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council have asked for expressions of interest (here).

The windmill attracts a variety of visitors as well as offering conference and catering facilities. The Council is looking to explore options for the future operation of the facility, maximising its heritage value and making best use of the site.

1 Skidby Windmill, Beverley Road, Skidby, East Yorkshire Paul Glazzard

The Millhouse, Beverley Road, Skidby, East Yorkshire

Photo Courtesy of Paul Glazzard

This property is grade II* listed and complete with many of its original workings. The Mill is a unique attraction which also produces excellent quality, stone – ground wholemeal flour using traditional methods by a professional Miller.

Set within the courtyard, the original outbuildings have been converted into visitor facilities which include a spacious reception area, toilet facilities, and a comprehensive interpretation of the Mill’s history.

The Mill is served by an independently run café. The 1st floor rooms accommodate education and conference space all of which are DDA accessible via a lift.

1 Skidby Windmill, Beverley Road, Skidby, East Yorkshire 3

Capping The Windmill – Skidby, East Yorkshire

Skidby Mill is situated in the small picturesque village of Skidby with impressive views over the Yorkshire Wolds. Just 5 miles to the south of the vibrant market town of Beverley, Skidby Mill has the benefit of brown tourism signs from the nearby A164 ensuring the property is easily located. Skidby Mill and the adjoining land is in the freehold ownership of the Council. A public right of way runs down the access road and along the south side of the Mill.

1 Skidby Windmill, Beverley Road, Skidby, East Yorkshire 2

The Millhouse, Beverley Road, Skidby, East Yorkshire

The Café : Skidby Mill and Heritage Centre is served by an independently run café, catering for a wide range of visitors including groups. The café is occupied through a lease granted by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Address: The Millhouse, Beverley Road, Skidby, East Yorkshire, HU16 5TF

Guide: Price On Application (we wish people wouldn’t do this P.O.A., malarky)

Further Details: Click Here (Did not sell in January 2016 as per the earlier closing date, so still worth a spin).

Dedicated Website: Click Here

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here

Google Map Location: Click Here

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here

Background: Click Here

Contact via telephone: 01482 750002. Please can folk mention to the estate agent that they found this former windmill for sale in the Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers. 


Underground Bunkerish – Dorset

Underground Tunnels + Ammo Dump + Ordinary House

1 Portland Entrance

The Verne, Portland, Dorset

This is like something from a James Bond 007 movie set. It looks like an ordinary house, but there is a secret.

An underground area with tunnels that are distinctly out of keeping with the above ground 1960s semi-detached home.

1 The Verne, Portland, Dorset DT5 1EG 3

The Verne, Portland, Dorset

The Tunnels: Discovered by the current owners, several layers of tunnels can be accessed from the garden, which were used to form a defence system during the war. Now almost completely accessible, rifle and cannon shots can be seen, providing an insight into the events which took place during the invasions. Along with the shot marks, separate rooms where the ammunition would have been stored are also on view. As these tunnels are within the property’s ownership.

1 The Verne, Portland, Dorset DT5 1EG 4

The Verne, Portland, Dorset

The property is located within the grounds of a former military citadel, designed by Captain W Crossman to defend Portland Harbour. With its elevated position, the property enjoys 180-degree sea and coastal views, and lies approx. two miles from the causeway linking the Isle of Portland to Wyke Regis. The town of Fortuneswell is located approximately 1.5 miles from the property, offering a selection of amenities.

1 Portsmouth

Cat Supplied With House If You Like. Unable To Furnish A 007 Villain – Sorry

Perhaps, with some irony, the most unusual thing about this property is how normal the main house looks. So that you can lead an ordinary life and fit in with the neighbours in this suburban semi, we will even supply a cat for 007 James Bond type cover. Then as night dawns and you retreat to your underground bunker, where no one will suspect your plans for world domination. Mwah ha ha 🙂

Address: The Verne, Portland, Dorset, DT5 1EG

Guide: £575,000

Further Details: Click Here

Google Map Location: Click Here

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here

Contact: Click Here . Please can folk make first contact for this house with a unique underground bunker and cavern area for sale via Unique Property Bulletin. We are then able to demonstrate to the estate agents selling each property that our not-for-profit websites help their clients, and in so doing can encourage them to support the Bulletin. We monitor our email inbox at least three times per day, so will make the introduction for you promptly. By helping us this way, we can continue to help you. A virtuous circle.


Relaxative Radio 2

On 23rd June 2016, a really nice lady from BBC Radio 2 telephoned to ask if we could put someone up for interview on the Mark Forrest show that evening. With a jolly refrain Ailsa said there were 1,300,000 listeners.

BBC Radio 2 MAIN

There I thought Radio 2 was relaxing. Well on this end of the microphone it can be, in a laxative sort of way 🙂

In all fairness, the show’s host, Mark Forrest was very good in putting guests at ease. The interview was well worth taking part in as the resultant viewings for unique property went up. By that I mean folk actually travelling to see buildings for sale, rather than our own website visitor stats. *

Should be getting used to this by now; third time in 18 months. But somehow knowing that if you have a sudden bout of lighthouse Tourettes live on air, things can go pear shaped quite quickly!



Lymm Water Tower, Cheshire

Grand Design For Sale

AAA Lymm Water Tower 3

Lymm Water Tower, Tower Lane, Lymm, Cheshire

A new Grand Designs property has come up for sale. The roof garden is an exceptional feature being 70 foot high and offering the most tremendous, panoramic views of Derbyshire, Cheshire, Lancashire and North Wales.

The 19th-century Lymm Water Tower, which featured in a Grand Designs special listing Kevin McCloud’s favourite 100 projects, was converted by television presenter Russell Harris into a contemporary family home nearly 20 years ago. Sitting on a hill in Cheshire, with views that stretch to the Derbyshire Peak District, the five-bedroom family home has two distinct elements. The original 90ft stone tower with a spiral staircase comprises five floors, each around 600sq ft. The master bedroom, cinema room (which doubles up as a music room and study) and guest suite are all in the tower, and on the top floor is a roof garden, hot tub, gym and sauna. Wrapped around the base is a curved, sleek white structure, with floor-to-ceiling windows which houses the main living quarters, including three more bedrooms and the family bathroom. There are two open-plan reception rooms, a dining room and a kitchen on the ground floor.

Going Down – Aerial Drone Video of Lymm Water Tower…

Click on the picture above to view a brief video of Lymm Water Tower

The layout is designed to follow the sun. The breakfast area, overlooking the Japanese Koi Pond, is perfectly placed to watch the sunrise. “We’ve put a lot of love into this place,” says Russell Harris, 58. “In fact it became our obsession.” He had admired the water tower for years as he passed by it while walking his dog, so when the water board put it on the market in 1997 he impulsively put in a bid – for £138,000. “BT were already using it as a phone mast so other bidders saw it as an investment rather than a home,” says Harris. “We weren’t expecting to win.”

Address: Lymm Water Tower, Tower Lane, Lymm, Cheshire, WA13 0BD

Guide: £2,500,000

Further Details: Click Here

Online Brochure (pdf format): Click Here

Online Brochure (HTML format): Click Here

Archived Details: Click Here

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here

Google Map Location: Click Here

Contact: Click Here . Please can folk make first contact for this property via Unique Property Bulletin. We are then able to demonstrate to the estate agents selling each property that our not-for-profit websites help their clients, and in so doing can encourage them to support the Bulletin. We monitor our email inbox at least three times per day, so will make the introduction for you promptly. By helping us this way, we can continue to help you. A virtuous circle.


Engineered For Living

Pumped up near to Sunderland

AAA Cleadon Waterworks After Conversion and Renovation

The Engine House, Sunniside Lane, Cleadon, Sunderland

Photographed after the conversion and renovation

Agency derived narrative: This former pumping station and engine house is an outstanding and bespoke property. Situated within the award winning Cleadon Water Works development, with handsomely converted former utility buildings that now present a high quality residence. This building is one of four properties created from the refurbishment and adaptation of a disused 19th Century water pumping station designed by Thomas Hawksley, the eminent Victorian engineer. For the avoidance of doubt, the building in the photograph above is the one that is currently being sold.

AAA Cleadon Waterworks Before - W Willits - South Tyneside Images
The Engine House, Sunniside Lane, Cleadon, Sunderland

Earlier photograph before conversion (c) W. Willits and the South Tyneside Images

Situated just off Sunniside Lane at the top Cleadon Hills the property is located in close proximity to Cleadon Village. There is good access to Sunderland City Centre. Locally there are a good range of schools and amenities. Newcastle and Durham are within reasonable travelling distance along the arterial A19. The property is finished to a high standard throughout as the very helpful and full range of photographs in the online brochure below illustrates.

Accommodation: Arranged over four floors. Brief description: Entrance Hall,Open Plan Living Room / Kitchen, Family Bathroom, Sitting Room/4th Bedroom, Mezzanine Living Room, Lower Ground: Leisure Room / Kitchen & Cinema Room, 2 First Floor Bedrooms with En Suites and a Second Floor Bedroom including a Dressing Area and a Master En Suite. Externally there are impressive garden and a detached double garage.

Address: The Engine House, Cleadon Waterwork, Sunniside Lane, Sunderland, Tyne And Wear, NE34 8DY

Guide: £875,000

Further Details – and a very helpful number of photographs: Click Here

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here

Google Map Location: Click Here

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here

Contact: Click Here. Please can folk make first contact for this property via Unique Property Bulletin. We are then able to demonstrate to the estate agents selling each property that our not-for-profit websites help their clients, and in so doing can encourage them to support the Bulletin. We monitor our email inbox at least three times per day, so will make the introduction for you promptly. By helping us this way, we can continue to help you. A virtuous circle.


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Unique Abroad

AAA Green Magic Homes 1

From Abroad – Green Magic Home Design Concept

This edition of Unique Property Bulletin has already set a record bursting through the 10,000 word barrier and we are approaching another capacity issue at our webhost service, so on the basis that a picture paints a thousand words, here are two illustrations for the Green Magic Homes style of dwelling (and save us overloading our system by breaching the 11,000 word per download level).

AAA Green Magic Homes 2

Finished Article – Green Magic Home – Earth Sheltered Dwellings

Manufactured in Mexico from a part Canadian initiative, these are truly an international phenomenon. So popular that factory space for building these earth sheltered dwelling structures is now being rolled out to Spain; Argentina; Brazil and South Africa. Indeed if we can get something going in Britain, perhaps the next stage would be a small factory fabricating these structures under licence sometime soon?

Further details…

Click Here For Green Magic Homes Initiative



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Unique Property Competition

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AAA 20 Pound Unique Property Bulletin Prize

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Competition Question: Old Coastguard Station – But Where Is It?

A former coastguard station that was for sale in April at £10,000.

AAA August and September 2016 Competition

All you have to do is identify the location of this old coastguard station?

The winner is the first drawn from our Competition Box at close of competition on 30th September 2016 

Email your free entries to us…

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Architecturally Unique

Please note, in each edition of the Bulletin we feature the work of a unique architect. These properties are usually NOT currently for sale, but are included to help inspire readers as to the talent that abounds when the mind of a good architect meets the imagination of a unique property person. Something that little bit special is often created by the synergy.

1 Norio Yoshinaga 1

Simple But Elegant. Empirical Is Often A Hallmark of Architectural Brilliance

Photograph with thanks to Yuko Tada

1 Norio Yoshinaga 2

Interior Design Has Elegant Functionality For The Client’s Vocation

Translation for our flowery words: “a good set of shelves for the pots”

This edition of the Bulletin we include a wonderful marriage between design, function and client vocation. An essence of the architect’s brief for this building was to create a house suitable for a potter. As an asides, there is something incredibly therapeutic about creating pottery. Not sure why, but I just love the process. Not too good at it myself, but have a great deal of admiration fro those who can manage some beautiful designs without their lump of clay flying off of the potters wheel and forming it’s own quirky art installation as a lump of brown stuff stuck to the wall. For relaxation at work, this takes a lot to beat it…

Ingleton Pottery: This Video Clip Has Over 500,000 Views

As an asides to the architecture and building from Japan, I am sitting here tapping away at they keyboard – the one you see in the photograph here. It is an incredibly wonderful thing to end up, by serendipity, from the comfort of this room to be whisked away on a detour of delight. What I wanted was a quick Demi Moore type potters wheel moment from Youtube to add some dynamic to this little piece, and yes, three minutes of Demi and Patrick brightens up any day (click here) 799,626 folk already have 🙂 But what I discovered was this fascinating guy from the Yorkshire Dales who has shared his passion for pottery with people via the internet. It is indeed a marvellous thing when a simple piece of kit such as an £89 camera-phone takes the video film and a few minutes later the result can be uploaded for so many to enjoy. Incredibly, more than half a million folk have visited this guys studio – virtually speaking. He is going to have a big job pottering all the cups needed to give everyone who pops by a cup of tea. I’d recommend paying Ingleton Pottery a visit: click here.

In the meantime, with the help of a younger, IT savvy family member, we’ve managed to get the Unique Property Bulletin computer dinosaurs into the Youtube video age and hopefully will have our own film clips taken with the Bulletin’s iPad and add these to this website, for example click here to view one brief effort. Sorry, no prizes for guessing which lighthouse it is? Apologies for the production values and quality. We still have the movie-maker ‘L‘ for learner plates on? Still not too bad considering the desired outcome was to check out the surface integrity condition of the roof.

Back to Japan, and this potters house designed by Norio Yoshinaga.

With the modern internet age, including Skype video communications, broadband, fibre optic cabling and ultra fast messaging, it matters not too much that an architect of your choosing works in a different continent. My advise? If you like this design, then send Mr Yoshinaga a polite enquiry. If you do end up collaborating with this talented architect from Japan and build a house like this in the UK, please think about letting us know. We would love to feature your ideas. Thanks.

So our

Commended Architect

For this Unique Property Bulletin is:-

Norio Yoshinaga

Website (scroll to the right for lots of interesting photographs)…

Click Here

Contact Details…

Norio Yoshinaga

Email: info at

Tel – Japan: 06.7175.4715

Fax Japan: 06.7635.5488 

Click Here for further details of the Pottery House




This Edition’s Unique Property – Main Feature:-

A Penny, A Pint,

Or A Big Bright Light?

First an old loo, but in due course we will be looking to move into our ultimate unique property: an old lighthouse building. 

In this feature we are considering the merits of three candidate buildings for the forthcoming unique property syndicate venture. Being a former public convenience, a former public house, or a lighthouse. We start with the first building. Somewhere that had many a penny spent – in it, as well as on it…

A Ewan Macgregors finest

Actor Ewan McGregor In His Breakthrough Film Role: Trainspotting

“A toilet! Seriously, the next property syndicate purchase is a bog building? Are you Bulletin guys thinking clearly?” 

Yup, we certainly are. Unlike Ewan McGregor’s bowel movement’s above, we are thinking solidly. The logic? If we can transform a diminutive detached public convenience from the mundane merde to a valuable and useful asset then that will prove to many – our fresh smelling Unique Property Syndicates can pretty much tackle the vast majority and genres of project. We are game-on for any jobby. Not least, but others such as our all time top 3 unique property architects – 

Laura Clark

Click Here

to see Laura’s wonderful WC transformation and…

Here for Laura’s dedicated website.


Meanwhile, our past unique projects have managed to achieve over…

36% gross profit

Just study the medium term detail with a calculator to hand…

Click Here For Proof of Unique Property Syndicate Workings


Spending A Penny

This section is currently offline. Our property club achieved the purchase and as a result, this is a “live” unique property club. Number 20 since 1998. Further details will appear in the Unique Property Bulletin during 2017. Please check back in due course.


A Pint

The former public house element

AAA Arbroath Pub Opposite Abbey

The Old Closed Pub – Arbroath Abbey

The old pub is priced at £60,000 – Probably accept £50,000 (click here)

Land Registry Sale of 17 March 2006 prior to repossession: £120,000.

The view from this public house…

AAA Arbroath Pub Opposite Abbey - View From UPS

The Neighbour Opposite The Old Closed Pub: Arbroath Abbey…

and just around the corner…

Arbroath Abbey

The Actual Abroath Abbey – Neighbour’s With The Old Public House


“A Pint”: We have previously renovated closed down pubs for Bulletin HQ in the past.

The last one produced a net profit of £90,000 so worth studying for the future (here)

This former public house has planning permission to turn it into two residential flats. We mention the public house as a syndicate candidate here just in case our forthcoming fundraising initiative surges past the £30,000 toilet target and reaches £60,000. If this happens, then we may be forsaking the rebooted Carnoustie loo in favour of a former Arbroath Abbey public house as the new Unique Property Bulletin HQ.

To be clear, we are not proposing to have a bunch of drunken monkeys write this website from an old pub. Even though that might appear how the prose ends up in the written form for some editions.

Our intention for the public house option is to convert one the 264 High Street part, into a coffee shop and small restaurant, with an office next door – tenanted by Unique Property Bulletin in the 268 High Street part of this double sectioned building. With a rental income of £400pcm for each half, that means a total rent of £9,600 per annum. At our 10% investment property initiative, this gives a nominal value of £96,000 should our syndicate members vote for a resale at any point. We managed a very similar outcome for the old pub we renovated in 2004: click here. Back then, that was what produced this exciting ATM slip…

A Lucky Bank Slip

 Old Pub Renovation Can Be Lucrative. Check Out The £146,305 Resale Figure

That  old pub cost us £25,000. Refurbished from derelict cost £35,000. Net Profit £90,000

We can’t guarantee the Abbey Pub will return similar results. We are comfortable that it should manage a decent £600 to £800 per calendar month in rent. Plus the Arbroath pub is not derelict and will take very little to get back into the shape we need it in become a viable again. Whereas the public house we renovated in 2005 was to all intents and purposes derelict when we bought that building.

AAA Arbroath Pub Opposite Abbey Interior

Former Arbroath Pub By The Abbey

Interior illustrates the reasonable conditions we have examined during inspection.

Click Here To Study Agency Details


Location of Unique Property Syndicates

We are looking to take on unique property syndicates all round the British Isles, In fact we have spotted some amazing candidate properties at…

The Isle of Wight

Underground London

Isle of Anglesey



However, due to logistic and medical reasons described at the end of this page, we are needing to concentrate on a 25 mile radius of our current base in the Angus, Dundee and Perthsire areas…

AAA Unique Property Bulletin Map

Current Unique Property Bulletin – General Base Location

As soon as the crocked volunteer at Bulletin HQ can undergo the required surgery, or a suitable vehicle for logistical tours located…

Click Here For Bus Adventure Option

…we are temporarily restricted to a limited area where we can buy the next two or three unique property syndicates buildings.


A Big Bright Light

One of the core principles in restarting our property clubs is to illustrate with real buildings, how it is possible to go from a small thing like the old closed public convenience and grow the property club endeavours to a delightful lighthouse building such as Rattray Head (here), or Noss Head lighthouse compound (here)…

AAA Noss Head Lighthouse By Jirí Pruša

Noss Head Lighthouse Station – Unique Property Syndicate Candidate

Photo Attribution To Jirí Pruša

UPDATE: This lighthouse compound with several keepers’ cottages is now successfully under offer by our very own property club. This is number 24 in the series. Please check back to current editions of the Bulletin fro news and updates.

Our ultimate aim is to move the Unique Property Bulletin into a lighthouse compound. In the past, it has taken us two or three steps to go from the very small to the fairly big, such as a lighthouse station.

But as with the Arbroath Abbey neighbouring public house above, we should mention that if our forthcoming fundraiser thunders through the £100,000 mark, then it is highly probable we will be buying a lighthouse compound as the very next project.

So whether our soon to be – rebooted unique property syndicate is a loo, or a public house, maybe even a lighthouse, we are very enthusiastic at the next series of candidate properties for unique property syndicates 19 through to UPS24.

If you would like to join our unique property syndicate news alert list, just type your name and email address into our contact page and include the word SYNDICATE into the subject line, then we shall do the rest…

Click Here To Join The Unique Property Syndicate Email Alert List 


P.S. Oops & Ouch

Segwayed into this heady mix, the compiler for this Bulletin edition has a problem. I am terminally stupid – medically diagnosed as such by a real doctor 🙂 Many years ago, through bodily abuse from an earlier occupation in the emergency services, I blew a disc in my spine. Went by the name of intervertebral disc L5/S1. That damaged disc was removed by a brilliant surgeon back in 1994. Recently, on 16th May 2016, I couldn’t help scamper around the bilges of the fine old 871 ton lady pictured below, which, after four years of work by the Friends of TS Queen Mary charity, finally came home from a remarkable 21 year adventure in London. Here she is on 15th May returning to her birthplace on the River Clyde…

The TS Queen Mary – Being A Supernumerary Crew For Captain Calum Had A Hiccup

That day was one of utter bliss. A surprising number of folk turned out to greet the old Queen. The next day was pretty good too – being given the grace to sort out interior lighting and work on generators to bring a little bright life to this magnificent ship. However, there was a incidental health cost. A few days after returning home, came a disconcerting series of shocks alternating with numbness in my left hand. This led to a visit by the local doctor and a very quick admission to hospital via A&E, as overlaying pains were radiating around the chest and down the left arm. Anyone who has worked for a treble nine services will know these symptoms might not be what you want as a birthday present, or any other sort of present for that matter. The NHS was at its finest. A weekend in hospital and got discharged with the diagnosis. Heart is pumping away just fine. But another disc in the old spine appears to have blown out. This time at something called C6/C7. Bizarrely, along with the aches and pains comes Tourettes of the fingers. Particularly the middle finger on the left hand. It near flicks up at fairly inopportune moments when the C6/C7 nerves get irritated or short-circuited by the damaged spinal disc. Try explaining the bird to a local minister at a church service. Anyways, back pain I can live with, a problematic heart – a dodgy ticker – not so much thank you.

AAA Extra For Terminator

Not An Extra From A Terminator Movie

Just a lot of self abuse which currently restricts the area of unique property syndicate operation 

So why the digression? What relevance has a medical detour got? Well this kind of temporarily narrows the old unique property syndicate search grid down to about a 50 mile driving radius of the Unique Property Bulletin HQ for the time being. Travelling very long distances is mighty painful, and abusing painkillers to clock up the miles is not such a good idea. My doctor has a terrific sense of humour and says she is unable to prescribe tablets to cure stupid! A reference to bilge-hopping in the keel depths of an old Clyde ship, when the discs in my spine are already tumbling like dominoes. This limiting of unique property syndicate search grid at a time when we really have a need to move the Unique Property Bulletin into an office of it’s own is proving to be a challenge. Not least, but the local area is crazy about golf with something called the Senior Open Championship being played here right now. I don’t know much about golf, but a significant number of friends have moved in with their relatives and are letting their own Carnoustie homes out to itinerant holidaying golfers for £1,000 a week. Many here are seriously keen about golf. That has a knock on effect with most local house prices being a degree or two above boiling in the purchase and sale levels. Why mention this? The backdrop of prices here needs to be factored into our property club purchase arithmetic.

Also, we don’t want to let down our property club membership of 203+ folk by failing to locate competitively priced candidate properties. Plus a tv production company are looking to put a showreel together for a Unique Property Club television programme based on the past, present and future unique property syndicates.

So all in all, no pressure to find candidate properties then. Lucky it wasn’t the old ticker that was playing up at A&E!

Hopefully, the Penny, A Pint Or A Big Bright Light proposed property syndicate narrated above is of interest to our readers? If you are already on our syndicate alert list, we will be emailing you with specific details in the coming weeks.

For us at Unique Property Bulletin, this an exciting time. The last unique property club adventures were full of fun. Not just the unique property side of things, but the delight of new friendships being formed. Plus of course the enthusiasm of realising that as the property nest eggs grow, so does the ability to enjoy more and more interesting buildings. A real life game of unique Monopoly!

Many readers will be up to speed on how these unique property syndicates work. However, if you are unsure or have any questions, please feel free to email them to us…

Contact Us With Any Questions.


Some important points for new syndicate members:-

1] Please do NOT send money to Unique Property Bulletin ALL funds are handled by the syndicate solicitors and/or Financial Conduct Authorised regulated intermediaries. This maintains a high level of probity, and is an original syndicate rule that has served us well since 1998.

2] If you are a new entrant, please do NOT send large amounts of money. Just consider dipping your toe into the water to start with. Our long term syndicate members have accrued a significant cushion of money to be able to send larger sums to solicitors and that is okay. But there is a burden of moral responsibility and we don’t want newer members to take undue risks without first becoming acclimatised to the way these unique property clubs go.

3] All syndicate projects are 100% equity/subscriber driven. We do NOT use bank finance, so the integrity of the asset backed venture is kept intact. NO bank is going to grab the asset. Whatever else may happen, at the core of each unique property syndicate is an asset that shall remain inviolate.




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