Proposed Purchase & Construction of:

A Unique Property Visitor Centre

10 of These Types of Unique Property Are Part of 24 In Total

Proposed First Location: Shiskine on The Island of Arran

If this first one is successful, then a next site on the Island of Anglesey. Then the Isle of Wight. 

When we started the old fashioned paper version of this online publication: Unique Property Bulletin 25 years ago…



Example of Old A4 Paper Format Unique Property Bulletin

Now A Fully Online Publication

… none of the folk at this end of the keyboard could have imagined that an obscure paper-based magazine would end up with a group of friends buying several of the unusual buildings that are featured and renovating them.

Let alone the current proposal…

To purchase a closed visitor centre on the Island of Arran and re-open it in the style of a Unique Property Visitor Centre. With several holiday buildings that extol the various unusual property genres we have featured over the past 25 years. Candidate building site property: here.

The new holiday letting units are to be designed with a relatively high specification: insofar as Hobbit House style goes…

Earth Dwellings: Types of Interior Design

The idea is for our readers + the XXX number of folk who already visit the Island of Arran to experience real life unique property for a week or two before going off and building their own. These cosy domains can have a high comfort level. Subterranean dwellings do not have to be cold and damp. Quite the opposite… 

Subterranean Chique

Turning the virtual content of our online magazine into real buildings that our readers, friends and colleagues can come to visit looks to be an adventure that excites us. We should emphasise that our wish is NOT to build 36 identical Glamping Pods as appears on the Isle of Arran estate agency narrative. Our requirement is to seek planning permission to build a modest range of unusual holiday structures that have graced to pages of Unique Property Bulletin. All with one or two bedrooms plus a private bathroom and kitchenette facilities.

Variations on the eight earth genre dwellings might vary slightly as we favour a less regimented look than the first photograph at the top of this article…

These 10 Earth Dwelling Units Will Be Designed Specifically For The Shiskine Location

This dedicated page for the proposed Unique Property Visitor Centre is to ask our readers and also the neighbours at Shiskine + Arran island for their views.

Please feel free to telephone or text your views and comments to:-

Unique Property Bulletin: 0757 276 8795.

The proposed location for our first Unique Property Visitor Centre will also house 10 above-ground holiday letting units such as a design from this grouping…

10 of These Lodges

Or possibly 10 from this design and style…

10 of These Lodges Will Compliment 24 In Total For Our Proposed Shiskine Site

In addition to the 10 above-ground and 10 subterranean holiday letting units, we are also looking to build 4 single unit examples for our readers and visitors to try from this selection…

One Unique Water Dwelling

The most popular choice from: ONE of these three…

Submersible Holiday Visitor House 1.

If you prefer this style, please text : “UPB-VC Water1” to: 0757 276 8795 


Submersible Holiday Visitor House 2.

If you prefer this style, please text : “UPB-VC Water2” to: 0757 276 8795 


Submersible Holiday Visitor House 3.

If you prefer this style, please text : “UPB-VC Water1” to: 0757 276 8795 


The size of modest freshwater lake will require at least 1/4 to 1/2 acre of construction, so there is only enough room at Shiskine for one of these types of dwelling. Even so, we believe from many years publishing the details of this form of abode, there will be sufficient interest from folk staying at the new Unique Visitor Centre to make the effort in constructing this specialised type of property well worthwhile.

One Tree House Dwelling

The most popular choice from: ONE of these three…


The idea for a Unique Property Visitor Centre came from our friends . This was amplified when our frined w


aterJust for fun, on the second half of this page, we have added a small sample of different styles of unique property. Our friends over at Grand Designs have an annual show in London (here). However, we reckon there may well be an appetite for a more permanent type of unique property visitor centre.

How can there not be? We have gone from 986 readers in  1993 to between 35,000 and 150,000 in more recent times. Every week we have a telephone call from a newspaper/radio/television research department looking to find something out of the ordinary; an amazing place to live…

We Always Make Best Effort To Give A Good Interview

The growth of this website and our sister websites (here and here) have managed to bring jobs which help another of our accidental successes. So with the ability to now consider a visitor centre, we are keen for our readers views:

Please Text:

Meanwhile, here at Unique Property Bulletin we have our favourites to include in a new Unique Property Visitor Centre….

Mirror Tree House Holiday Cabin. Details: Click Here

With an eclectic and diverse range of holiday units that, by their iconic nature, tend to reach a considerable numbers of people who follow theses styles of property…

Iconic Futuro House: Click Here

Over the years, we have been fortunate to have been approached by all the major property tv programmes that feature unusual property and have assisted many researchers in helping the likes of the Mirror Tree House and the Futuro House onto television and reach a far wider audience.

The purpose of this webpage is to ask our readers, and stake-holder on Arran if this is something they believe to be a good idea and would garner support?

We have no doubt that a significant number of our readers would come and visit. We know that the internet is very potent from the challenges we have had to rise to in coping with an ever increasing readership (here).

It may be that the old  Balmichael Visitor Centre is not quite the right location. We have yet to work out the numbers and logistics on that.

Hence the purpose of this dedicated webpage.

If you think a Unique Property Visitor Centre is a good idea, please let us know: Text:

the place we buy), lhe gett


es items such as …


strl  .



Noss Head Lighthouse Station. Unique Property Bulletin HQ

The most recent example is the Noss Head Lighthouse Station. Bought on 23rd May 2017 in a dilapidated condition, it is now restored to as near the standard of the Northern Lighthouse Board as we could hope for. Indeed, the NLB., have been instrumental in helping us with their renovation methods. One example being the robust pain systems that help these very exposed lighthouse properties endure the severe weather that occurs.


At the far north, we now have Unique Property Bulletin owned buildings that are fully fit for purpose. They are to be let as holiday homes and the income utilised to employ staff to ensure the ever increasing readership of Unique Property Bulletin can continue to receive this publication, for free, forever.

We are looking at buying some land and building a new holiday destination.

What do our readers reckon. Yes? No? Thoughts?

PLEASE TEXT: 0757 276 8795


If you are new to this website and like the styles of building we feature, please consider subscribing for Unique Property Bulletin online…


Unique Property Bulletin Visitor Centre

Example Buildings For Inclusion…

We are looking at buying some land and building a new holiday destination.

What do our readers reckon. Yes? No? Thoughts?

PLEASE TEXT: 0757 276 8795

Mirror Tree House: A Go To Destination For Unique Property Experiences In Sweden (Here)

Many years ago, our friends Kent and Britta Lindvall in Sweden trail-blazed an amazing set of unique holiday pods, some examples of which are illustrated in this current article.

Unique Property Bulletin have been looking to continue this idea on the island of Arran. Recently, we have been offered a site with several acres and live planning permission for holiday structures of an unusual nature.

This may well suite our Unique Property Bulletin Visitor Centre project: a go-to destination modelled on the highly successful Swedish concept from Kent and Britta. Here are just a few of their TreeHotel holiday structures in Sweden to get you thinking of what we might build on Arran…

Each holiday unit has been designed by an architect with the instruction to inspire the imagination of visitors.

At Unique Property Bulletin we have featured several of these on our website for owners, Kent and Britta Lindvall over many years and we are very keen to collaborate with our friends to continue the unique building visitor experience. Our preferred location is somewhere on the island of Arran. We are currently canvassing views of our Unique Property Bulletin readers as to the merits/demerits of such a project for Arran. 


Tree House Hotel In Sweden Has Several Different Designs. Architect Imagination Let Loose

Click Here To Study Kent & Britta’s Website

Here are some of their other unique holiday pods…

The interiors of Kent and Britta’s unique holiday designs are remarkably comfortable and contemporary…

Above shows an interior of an easy to access unique holiday unit, below shows one from the classic mirror-cube-tree house pod that captured the imagination of the Amazing Spaces television production company research team. You will need to be fairly fit and mobile to get into the mirror-cube-tree-house accommodation…

The interior shown above is a favourite of ours: the mirror tree house…

The selection pictured above this paragraph are from the TreeHotel estate in Sweden created by Kent and Britta Lindvall (here).

At Unique Property Bulletin, we were delighted to help Kent and Britta’s by introducing Amazing Spaces research team. Ultimately architect/presenter George Clarke travelled to Sweden and featured the unique Swedish holiday structures on his television programme, Amazing Spaces.

We are now approaching the time to locate a suitable site for our own unique property visitor centre, and a most exciting part – to consider styles, ideas and genres of unusual structures to build on that site. Here is a brief selection of some candidate holiday pods we have been looking at and might include on the proposed Arran site…

The Island of Arran. Possible Location For A Unique Property Bulletin Visitor Centre.

Featuring an amazing collection of 12 to 36 unusual holiday properties to inspire our readers. Real buildings to stimulate you and help realise your dream home; whatever form that unique structure might grow from….

Would you like to visit a Unique Property Bulletin visitor centre and stay in one of these types of unusual structures? Please text us your views, and ideas. If you have a candidate property to suggest for inclusion, text us the weblink and we shall make best efforts to add it to our website. It may very well make it onto the short-list for construction.

Unique Property Bulletin Visitor Centre: Yes or No? Plus your views…


Our own candidate examples continue with these unique properties… 




Some of Our Own Preferred Styles of Visitor Experience

Of course there would have to be a little bit of Hobbit about the place…

Outside and Inside – Hobbit House Flavour

Another aspect is finding amazing ways to exit the unique buildings. This is a totally left-of-field lateral thinking process. We feature some interesting ways that rank above the relatively normal method of getting in and out of your holiday accommodation…


Getting in and out of a unique holiday property can be fun. It should be inspirational and ignite thoughts of future architects, transport designers and people who create buildings to consider ways to get to them…


A personal favourite of this website’s owner and one that would fit well at our proposed Arran site is the cyclists mono-rail way of getting about…

Click Here To Watch A Video of The Cyclist Monorail

Here on Arran, we would be building a series of unique holiday structures to inspire and give enjoyment. Do our readers think this would be a good idea? Please feel free to let us know what you think…


Capturing An Iconic Futuro Pod For Our Unique Arran Island Visitror Centre Is A Must (Here)

This idea of a Unique Property Visitor Centre has been at the back of our minds since we started the Unique Property Bulletin 25 years ago. It is only now that we are in a financial position to make it a reality.

We have a decision to make on whether to create a facility of this nature, and your input – our readers’ opinions and views mean a lot to us.

Unique Property Bulletin Visitor Centre: Yes or No?




Thank You, You Unique Readers

In addition to our 35,000 to 73,000 regular Unique Property Bulletin website readers, we just reached…

7,000 Facebookers Now Follow Unique Property Bulletin

May We Welcome The Growing Number of Facebook “Followers” From Social Media

Click Here For Facebook Unique Property Bulletin.

Unique Property Bulletin is currently run by four volunteers. The online version is a free publication. We started in 1992 with a paper format…

The Original 1992 Paper Version of Unique Property Bulletin

By 2011 we had transferred the Bulletin to this website platform. The readership went from 3,500 for Unique Property Bulletin’s paper version, to an amazing 35,000 folk fairly quickly that read our online offering. There are occasions when we reach the dizzying heights of 73,000 folk if a particular property on these pages goes “viral”. The highest number was 186,399 with help from our friends at Facebook (here). That level of engagement is hard for us to comprehend. Though the resultant avalanche of email enquiries took all 4 volunteers here around 12 days to work through. It is old fashioned but we make best endeavour to reply individually to everyone who takes the time to text or email us (contact page here).

We normally publish a magazine format Unique Property Bulletin online. However, as this website has become so busy with a huge number of emails and telephone calls – and just part-time volunteers at this end of the keyboard to answer, we decided the best thing to do is employ some staff. To do that we need to create an income stream that is reliable enough to pay wages. To remedy the conundrum, we went on an adventure: the first set of buildings bought to provide that income stream, and provide new offices for this publication, we found these beauties…

Unique Property Bulletin Headquarters. Photo Courtesy: Mr Derek Bremner.

If you are new to this website and like the styles of building we feature, please consider subscribing for Unique Property Bulletin online…

We would love to get you into mischief and your next home might just, magically appear on these pages.

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