What? Where? Why? How? When?

A relatively brief set of answers to questions asked of the volunteers at our not-for-profit Unique Property Bulletin…



^^ Russ McLean ^^

Founder of Unique Property Bulletin

Guilty As Charged M’Lud

Have you ever imagined yourself working in a sweet shop? It must surely be difficult to retain your virtue and not each the favourite Bounty Bar or a Lucky-Dip nag. Maybe a few Jelly Babies?

That is precisely the problem we encountered at Unique Property Bulletin. So we have a group of 585 souls who, over the years, have joined in the renovation of several listed buildings.

=> Our intrepid group of eccentrics rescue roughly one set a year. One of our favourites can be studied: Cick Here.

A totally random “before and after photograph set can be seen here…

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^ 

Bought By Unique Property

Lighthouse Company Number 24

This took 2 years and a lot more than just a lick of paint to bring back to life. But this page is a summary, so here are a couple of empirical “before” and “after” photographs…

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^ 

An Example Elevation “Before” Renovation

In fact around 80% of the work of repainting is surface cleaning and preparation. Especially as we had been very lucky in having the Northern Lighthouse Board assist our efforts and support a new trade account to be opened so we could buy the exact formula and pantone colour of paint that the Northern Lighthouse Board deploy on their towers. It is excellent paint. The kind of system that is used on the Forth Rail Bridge. But in this case it is chemically formulated to last a decent length of time on weather beaten lighthouse towers. 

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^ 

An Example Elevation “After” Renovation

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^ 

For Perspective Here Is The Completed Renovation

Returning to the founder for a brief moment. One of our other volunteers, in some mirth, had noticed that Unique Property Bulletin will be approaching some 50-year anniversaries starting in 2025.

So she thought it might be an idea to dig out “pre-renovation” type of photos of the editor…

^^ Russ McLean (2023): Decrepitude Has Set In ^^

Woodworm upstairs. Dry rot at foot level.

Well this is supposed to be the “who” section!

^^ Russ McLean (1991): Still in Warranty ^^

Slight Structural Damage

Pulling Too Many Ship Ropes: Click Here.

^^ Russ McLean (1987): On The Way To Davaar Island ^^

To Renovate The Ruin Where

Unique Property Bulletin Was Born

^^ Russ McLean (1985): Plodding About ^^

On Another Island: Islay


^^ The Jeep Must Have Been 20 Years Old ^^

^^ After That Date ^^

Hopefully you get the point?

We all get older. The shocking thing is, we hear our grandparents say “how fast time flies by”. Then our parents. The Auld Yiin was heard to comment the other day: I seem to have mislaid 20 years”. Sometimes we all get to feeling like that.

=> Enough of “who” for now. Let us go on to the very first Unique Property that the more of mischievous of our Bulletineers bid for…


^^ Former RAF Bawdsey Manor ^^

Photo (c) 1992 By Russ McLean

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Starting From Now

Then Back To The Future

Unique Property Bulletin Ltd., Endeavour House, 1 James Street, Arbroath, Angus, UK., DD11 1JP.

^^ Endeavour House Main Entrance ^^

^^ Is At 1 James Street, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 1JP ^^

^^ Where The White Van Is Parked ^^

If anyone ever says newsletters or their electronic form such as this site are not real ~ in the sense of being “virtual” or ethereally in the clouds and frequently do little that is of use, here is a classic example of the good that can be achieved via an often toxic, misnamed “social media”. Our current HQ used to be a derelict shell, opposite an iconic national treasure where the American Constitution was invented 700 years ago in 1320. We are rewriting this 2020 page and it has now been part of the relaunch in 2024 with daily updates: here. So that USA Constitution thingy started in ye olde monastery print shope around 704 years ago.

American Constitution Born 25 feet away from us…

Click Here

So our Unique Property Bulletin and Argyll Group crew simply had to renovate this eyesore and give it new use. Our current HQ really was a dilapidated wreck…

^^ Endeavour House & Abbey Studios ^^

^^ We Bought This Derelict 3-Storey Shell of A Building ^^

Though frankly, we prefer the view from our HQ, rather than of it! Even though our Unique Property Bulletin HQ is now a lot tidier and more useful than it used to be. It certainly helps keep the distinguished Arbroath Abbey across the road from looking tired. These buildings positively sparkle nowadays.

^^ Arbroath Abbey ^^

^^ Directly Opposite Unique Property Bulletin HQ ^^

Our special renovation crew needed something safe and constructive to do during the pandemic! Please never forget the privations and tragedies of that era. The shocking element that pretty much everyone lost someone to that wretched three year viral killer should never, ever be forgotten

Keeping Safe & Carrying On (Safely)

Click Here

We bought the current Unique Property Bulletin HQ on 28th February 2020. Then 24 just days later on 23rd March 2020 the unimaginable became far too real for far too many…

^^ 23rd March 2020 ^^

^^ Lockdown Starts In The UK ^^

Reading through the precise timeline is sobering, a nightmare déjà vu. Even 4 years after that day: Click Here.

Things will never be the same. We know this because the phone calls and texts we received during the pandemic and especially since the pandemic ended has seen many people revise their lives.

=> Shockingly, we have witnessed doctors, paramedics, nurses as well as our mainstay of this Unique Property Bulletin ~ internet specialists just leave their jobs.

=> The unique property adventures we go on, buying + renovating unusual places needs joiners, plumbers, roofers, electricians etc., These too have had vast swathes just stop what they are doing and get less stressful jobs or work that requires fewer hours. Quite a few opt for that rare beast: “passive income (more of that later).

=> Incredulously, we have spoken to folk from all of these professions and vocations to witness what is becoming a POST-COVID phenomena. Where so many folk are people are putting in their resignation letters and seeking a better style of life. We can but say, “well done” and commend our friends and readers who have the chutzpah too do this.

So many have now gone on to buy a home and secure lifestyle where they achieve that precious thing.

Our editor, Russ McLean was furious with Rami Malek, the villain in Daniel Craig’s swansong as James Bond. The ending really does hit. Home. Hard.

What our lives are is more than a 9-to5 job, as the Old Fella that founded this website put it in a screenshot…

^^ Russ McLean Recommends ^^

Stop Being Handcuffed To The Phone & Computer”

Life really is too short for this excrement.

In a strange way of life imitating art…

President Putin’s diabolical plan, exposed

further down this page…

May well help us all!

The thing in our lives and especially your life and that of your family is worth more than diamonds. Forever.

You should give yourself the grace of time. Think about what makes you happy. Please stop looking at cliché memes and wishing you could win the lottery. There are far easier and more certain ways to get where you would like to be. If we can help prove that with an island for £5 a year rent, then maybe you can too.

Bond villain Rami Malek was one of the best at being one of the worst. Even though the movie business is just celluloid and admittedly some damn fine acting (we still miss Judi Dench), maybe follow the example of the real Daniel Craig. There is a lot in Commander Craig’s persona carried over into his penultimate 007 film and vice versa.

If nothing else, please consider doing this…

^^ Slàinte Sgiath ^^

The words in this brief video clip and their syntax jar. They sit strangely on the page and slip awkwardly from the tongue.

=> Perhaps that helps the gravitas. The words in that video-clip also hit. Home. Hard.

From that bloody pandemic, please give your family and friends some grace. Many of whom paid the horrendous price of finality or those still with us but harmed with long-covid that continue with that heavy, inexorable burden.

=> Use your time. Home. Kindly. Well. 

All roads lead to the same destination for every single soul on this planet.

Maybe take a journey on a metaphorical road less travelled. We volunteers here at this not-for-profit organisation promise to do our best in our endeavour to tempt you into some property mischief.

In the majority of cases, it means being very close to family and friends. If that can be achieved and with life lived in a unique home, then we believe our time has been used. Well.


Who? What? Where & How?

^^ Russ McLean ^^

^^ Founded Unique Property Bulletin in 1987 ^^

This diminutive building is the

birthplace of Unique Property Bulletin.

Next year, 2025 will be the 50th Anniversary.

Where did that lifetime go?

The best £5 a year

Russ McLean ever spent.

^^ The Old Lookout In 1985 ^^

Russ McLean Leased This For £5 A Year.

This is where the idea of a newsletter about unusual property was born.

It took a year to get the place fit for use. 

But was well worth the effort.

I used my time.

^^ The Old Lookout In 1988 ^^

Russ McLean Leased This For £5 A Year.

The agreement with island-owner, Mr Turner Snr., was that the low lease amount included renovation of this building. The place was great fun to renovate and was as enjoyable to live as it was to restore.

But the real attraction was location, location, location. This next photograph ain’t exactly of number 43 Acacia Avenue in the London suburbs. What do you reckon? Would you live here? Would you be happy?

^^ The Old Lookout Station ^^

^^ Davaar Island, Kintyre, Argyll ^^

A narrow spit of land was exposed at low tide twice a day.

Otherwise Davaar Island is a proper island: water all around.

^^ Alamy & Simon Butterworth Licence Fee Paid ^^

The next picture is a quick snap from about 2006 and shows one of our directors, notoriously camera-shy David Rutherford actually at The Lookout, or rather in front of it at Davaar Island…

^^ David Rutherford & Grant Macpherson ^^

Working hard At Davaar Island.

Seriously, this is what they were doing!

Well think about it?

What do you want to do as your job?

David Rutherford is a director of Unique Property Bulletin Ltd.

His day~job and that of Grant too is work as a firefighter.

The location was and still is awesome. We surrendered the lease in the mid 1990s as it was unfair to leave the wee Lookout building empty whilst working in London. The tenant was away in the capital to make enough money to buy a suitable ship and restart the local economic miracle of the ferry from Argyll in Scotland to Antrim in Northern Ireland…

^^ The Old Lookout Station ^^

^^ Davaar Island, Kintyre, Argyll ^^

Alamy & Allan Wright Licence Fee Paid.

Davaar Island, by Campbeltown, Kintyre, Argyll with MV Isle of Arran Contributor: Allan Wright / Alamy Stock Photo. Image ID: 2BHR7JT
We bought the ferry. Well a smallish CalMac ferry to warm-up the route. Crucially, when you drive 180 tons of Class iia ferry up Campbeltown Loch, it elegantly answers the Amadan journalist at the Oban Times who did nothing to help the local economy except moan about local folk who tried to bring about some constructive change.

Do you see the ferry in the photo above these words?

It is interesting what things can happen if you are determined. Especially when friends of a similar mind and skillset join together.

But we did start with a smaller ferry. Here it is in real life. The purpose was to boost the local economy. Eventually a bigger ferry did just that.


^^ MV Lochmor ~ Click Here^^

A side adventure from

Unique Property Bulletin.

Similar to other side adventures that have been born from a group of eccentrics here at Unique Property Bulletin…

^^ TS Queen Mary ^^

Before Charity Restoration

We progress more than just unique buildings.

In fact, our editor, Russ McLean’s day-job as a harbourmaster has influenced the kind of unique property we favour: small island homes + lighthouses + coastguard stations etc. 

^^ TS Queen Mary ^^

After Charity Restoration

Russs is now retired from the charity.

Thankfully his good friend Iani Sim is still at the helm.

In fact Iain has worked miracles since the ship was purchased.

^^ Aiden O’Donnell + Russ McLean + Iain Sim ^^

Trustees of The

Friends of TS Queen Mary Charity

^^ Written On The Very Same Keyboard As These Words! ^^

None too shabby for friends from an obscure bulletin and website.

If you ever want to see grown men cry, including the editor of Unique property Bulletin, then just show them this video by the brilliant friend, Jim Phanco of the day they got the TS Queen Mary home (having been towed half way around the UK coast…

^^ The Day TS Queen Mary Came Home ^^

If you want even more tears, it is the thought of this decent, kindly man, the late, great Robbie Coltrane giving of his time, energy and enthusiasm. Robbie personally raised over £100,000 for the Friends of TS Queen Mary charity. Plus his presence was a brilliant, shining lift to morale.

^^ The Late Robbie Coltrane ^^

Probably the best way to conclude this segment are to have words spoken by charity patron Sam Neill (click here).

Sam just sums up Robbie so well…


^^ Sam Neill: A Short Message For Robbie ^^

This digression to a nautical subject possibly explains why our most recent “unique” office location was here…

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Dornfield

Here is the same place after Unique Property Bulletin Ltd., and the Northern Lighthouse Board had completed the 2018~2019 renovation of both the privately owned buildings and the main, fully operational lighthouse tower.

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^

After Renovation By Unique Property Bulletin


Click Here


^^ Unique Property Bulletin Desk ^^

^^ At Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^

Real-World Adventures Are Part of What

We Do Here At Unique Property Bulletin


The Future?

It is 30 years since we gave up the lease on this wee beauty (you can visit and stay here under the current owners)…

^^ The Old Lookout ^^

^^ Davaar Island ^^

This video will give you an idea of the roots from where this Unique Property Bulletin emerged.

=> Our job is as per the strap-line on this item…

^^ Unique Property Manual ^^

This answered many questions from and for you guys.

Before anyone asks, the MANUAL is out of print as compters have made what we do… what is says on the cover for you, a LOT easier.

So we are rewriting this during 2024,

twelve years after the first edition.

^^ Unique Property Manual ^^

Currently out of print.


Because we are rewriting it to take account of advances in HM Land registries etc., and so much of the what the strap-line on the cover includes.

Returning to where we started in 1985, the lease to the old Lookout was surrendered in the mid 1990s.

=> All going well, the Unique Property Bulletin will have a new home by Sumer 2024.

This will make it a lot easier for us to keep our promise to you…

=> “How to Find, Fund and Have Fun With Unique Property”

That is on the proviso that we are all still here?


The Pandemic Was Bad

How About President Putin?

President Putin’s main opponent, Alexei Navalny has just been found dead. BBC News: Click Here.

What worries us here at Unique Property Bulletin is we have the keys of…

The ONLY protected EMP shielded

Data warehouse building

For sale in Europe…

^^ Former RAF Balado ^^

For Sale Exclusively Via Unique Property Bulletin

£950,000 Plus VAT

The ONLY protected EMP shielded

Data warehouse building

For sale in Europe.

There are “events” surrounding this EMP shielded data protection warehouse that have caused us serious concern. The buildings are fine, it is the geo-political tensions that are the problem.

=> This was going to be unique home for someone.

Or more likely the site would have say 12 individually designed unique-home plots to pay homage as this was a primary location for the new “Tetris” movie.

Then we got 9 different banks call us inside a five-week period.

=> All looking for an EMP protected data-dump or data storage warehouse with a million pound Faraday Cage.

This was all Greek to us!

But we have no doubt: after that horrendous pandemic and now with President Putin rattling his nuclear arms with former Russian President Medvedev openly threatening nuclear war, life really wont be the same.

An important note and we have this from EU Ambassador level close to the Ukraine from a person we respect immensely.

When we were talking about how many folk are becoming worried about nuclear war an WW3, she said…

“Please do not worry. There will be no nuclear war. President Putin has many faults, but he is a clever person. The intelligence is that he wishes his senior security personnel to be like John Wick (Keanu Reeves) or Bruce Willis in Die Hard 4! President Putin’s favourite Holywood Hero figure is Steven Seagal. They both share interests in marshall-arts. Putin wishes to become a John F. Kennedy style hero and avoid his (Putin’s) version of a Cuban missile crisis” ~1962: Click Here.

Our EU Ambassador friend continued…

“President Putin is allowing his senior politicians to put the nuclear worry to the West. But to modernise an alternate to the incredibly expensive and unusable mutual assured destruction arsenal, Vladimir Putin is weaponising a thing called EMP. The latest (2024) alerts indicate President Putin wishes to become a “HERO” figure in Russia and be the Kennedy figure that avoids nuclear war. How? he will deploy non-nuclear EMP weaponry where Russia borders NATO countries. That simply stops Facebook and Twitter from working. It will cripple communications and the internet in the decadent West.”

Here at the obscure Unique Property Bulletin we were shocked that such a senior and respected person should reassure us and our readers in such a candid and to be frank, a way that has the aroma of conspiracy theories!

=> Then our friend pointed us to this photograph and she said: “A photograph paints a thousand words”


^^ Our Ambassador Friend Was True To Her Words ^^

When We Looked…

^^ President Putin & Steven Seagal Are Friends ^^

Alamy & RIA Novosti + Alexei Druzhinin Licence Fee Paid

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and U.S. actor Steven Seagal shake hands after visiting an oceanarium built on Russky Island where the Eastern Economic Forum takes place, in Russian Far Eastern port of Vladivostok, Russia, Friday, Sept. 4, 2015. (AP Photo/RIA Novosti, Alexei Druzhinin, Presidential Press Service)

Here at Unique Property Bulletin we are not keen on speculating about what might be politely termed conspiracy theories. What we had sought to do was ask our friend if there was anything this publication could do to stop the worry our readers were expressing (we get this a lot because of selling many nuclear bunkers over the past 25 years).


Dark Humour Can Relieve Tension

It’s an old cop’s way of coping…

^^ Loch Mor ^^

At Noss Head Lighthouse Station

Unique Property Bulletin HQ 2017 ~ 2024


Gravitas At WWW3

& Being Able Reassure Folk

World War III Will Not Be Nuclear!

For many younger Western folk, in the eyes of President Putin, if, or rather when the Russian SWICH OFF SOCIAL MEDIA… ALL OF IT  ~ will have just as grave a consequence as several “tactical” nuclear warheads being deployed on former Soviet Republic soil.

By Going EMP

President Putin Knows That

Russia Will Survive

This still seems far-fetched. But after media interviews, some unusual material started landing on our desk. However, we will leave this Russian/Steven Seagal digression to rest and stop at this point (please don’t Google Steven Seagal and President Putin as you will drift through the doorways of doom and conspiracy central HQ!).

=> This short piece on our Contact Page was supposed to be a summary about the Who? What? Where? and How? of Unique Property Bulletin ended up going down a rabbit hole digression.

Nowadays, it is difficult to have a quiet life in a place that you can call your ideal home, such as a lighthouse, without the worries of the real world landing at your front door.

Although, maybe President Putin is right. The Western World has become addicted to social media and indeed all media, including Pravda!

Unique Property Bulletin editor, Russ McLean actually used the words and phrase… “CONCERNED folk were looking to keep their families safe”. The word “panicked” was NOT used.



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Please note: Unique Property Bulletin Ltd., is a not-for-profit organisation. We are currently run by volunteers. However, during the past 22 years we have been working to ensure the publication purchases its own premises without needing a mortgage. The thesis is, once the candidate building is bought and paid for (we emphasise that is must be free of mortgage) then we shall be renting the spare parts out and utilise that income to pay for PAYE staff employees to cover Unique Property Bulletin editorial + admin., + IT. Thereby relieving some of the strain from the volunteers. During 2019 and 2020 the thee websites have had a much lighter amount of content, but once the new premises at Arbroath are opened and we revert to the full magazine format, the readership levels in the past that have ranged between 35,000 and 78,000 with a peak in excess of 186,000 readers for one particular article (here) shall likely be reinstated due to the full magazine type content.


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We are aiming to place a short summary onto this page so folk have an idea to whom they are writing.

But this narrative has grown arms and legs.

So in due course, after the big move in 2024 and reboot of Unique Property Bulletin (already started on 1st January 2024 with our daily unique property features), we shall split this page into two pages. One for contacting us and the other to include the Who? What? Why? and Where?

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