Unique Property Syndicate


Just a quick update to those readers interested in our Unique Property Syndicates. We had a terrific response to the recent Syndicate Survey.

We are now progressing the regulatory and legal side of things to ensure our next project is run in a way that meets the various official requirements governing these types of project. As soon as we have the due diligence and certification etc., sorted out, then those who have registered an interest in syndicates information and candidate properties will receive an email in respect of our next property adventure – Syndicate 19.

If you would like to receive an email alert for this aspect of what we do, please click here and type the word SYNDICATE into the subject line or message box. We will then ensure you are updated you when materially important events happen.

Lairg Hotel Project

Earlier Syndicate 8 – Waterside Properties Usually Do Well In Bulletin Adventures

This is one of the 18 syndicates so far progressed. We bought the building in the year 2000 for £120,000. Poor old thing was in a sad state. Been closed down for 3 years. Our Bulletin syndicate sold it within 6 months of purchase. Resale proceeds were £152,500. Grossed £32,500. After solicitor, conveyancing, tax and auctioneer costs, the net total profit was £26,306.62.

A 21.92% return was very welcome. Though a few regrets – after a couple of years, the new owner demolished what was a building with a unique history. Not least as this waterside property gave service during World War II as a garrison for soldiers who attended special operation exercises in this strategically remote area and we would have loved to bring the building back to life.

“But a hotel is not that unique” we might hear you say! Au contraire we would suggest. Hotels are implicit in the concept of two-summers-and-no-winters – a lifestyle experience we passionately believe in. As expounded on one of the Bulletin’s sister websites: Hotel Room Ownership.

If the likes of actor Keanu Reeves and billionaire Howard Hughes plus many others find hotel perma-residence useful and interesting, then it is certainly on our radar. Our syndicates have bought four hotels so far in the effort to test the two-summers-and-now-winters theory.

The only flaw in our plan so far is we keep buying the hotels at a very competitive price, and subsequently have difficulty refusing a significantly higher price in the weeks and months after acquisition. But this is a whole other story for another Bulletin edition. Suffice it to say, that unique property syndicate purchased hotels have helped many of our readers grow their individual financial moneypots to a point where other unique properties become affordable and beckon.