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Unique Property Bulletin Listing: 3rd September 2021

Air Control Tower Wanted

Cash Waiting

We have a classic pilot seeking to restore one of these iconic pieces of WW2 history…

^^^ Example of Former WW2 Air Control Tower ^^^

 © Copyright with thanks to Vieve Forward

and reproduced under the Creative Commons Licence.

If you have one for sale, or know of one, there is quite a nice bottle of malt whisky awaiting your custodianship (or at least an honorarium for helping to find a tower for sale), please…

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Relaunch of

Unique Property Bulletin

Just a few weeks to go.

Apologies for the infrequent posts for the past six weeks. We are in the final phase of completing the new Unique Property Bulletin offices. It is almost half a million pounds of building and way beyond the results of which we dreamed. Particular thanks to a core of 111 members of Unique Property Bulletin and many, many of our 186,000 readers (here).

The project will go a long way to ensuring this publication is free for all who are seeking a quieter, gentler and more unique way of life in their own flavour of interesting building.

Please always remember, we are NOT an estate agency and our services are FREE.

We have come a long way since renting this the Old Lookout Station and Davaar Island for £5 per annum (yes, that’s correct, five pounds each year).

^^^ Birthplace of Unique Property Bulletin ^^^

Now 35 Years Old!

Old Lookout on the right.

 © Copyright with thanks to Mary & Angus Hogg

and reproduced under the Creative Commons Licence.

We completed that restoration and the owner passed away. The family now rent out the buildings as holiday homes and we are forever indebted to the late Mr Joe Turner Senior for his kindness to us and this publication back in the 1980s.

^^^ Not Bad: An Island For £5 A Year ^^^

That was three decades ago and no longer available

 © Copyright with thanks to Chris Downer

and reproduced under the Creative Commons Licence.

It was great fun getting to and from the island. Twice a day the tide went out and with care, you could (and still can) cross over the Dhorlin causeway. Otherwise you will need a boat. Or a hovercraft. In all seriousness, the late Mr Turner owned one and gave our editor a go. It was a very scary machine with an ornament on the front. Mr Turner referred to as a “steering wheel”. However, it didn’t seem to do much as the unusual mode of transport hurtled towards the cliffs of Davaar Island at 30 knots and no brakes!

That is a whole other story for another day.

^^^ Davaar Island (Left of Photo) ^^^

That was three decades ago and no longer available

 © Copyright with thanks to Raymond Okonski

and reproduced under the Creative Commons Licence.

Three decades later, we are soon to open the new Unique Property Bulletin HQ building and start with freelance journalists, then take on editorial, plus admin and IT staff during the relaunch and bedding in of this…

Free, online publication.

More news imminently.


Earlier Listing: 9th July 2021…


Filter House, Lake District, Cumbria, CA11 0NZ

No planning permission in place. For sale at £600,000.

Filter House, Lake District, Cumbria, CA11 0NZ

No planning permission in place. For sale at £600,000.

This Filter House is, without doubt, an interesting blank-canvas and located within epic David Lean style, Lawrence of Arabia type of canvas. Though with snow blowing around your nether regions than sand getting everywhere.

But did we miss something? £600,000 for a blank-canvas in the middle of nowhere is a lot of coin. Is it because of Covid that rural prices have filtered upwards like a pandemic driven pyroclastic flow  from a volcano?

Here at Unique Property Bulletin we are a little bewildered. One of our readers sent in this candidate to share with others. Both they and we were taken a back at the high price for something we have seen sell for between £50,000 and £175,000 in other parts of the country.

Yes, this is within a spectacular and beautiful setting. It is also near to the Lake District town of Glenridding which is one of our all-time favourite places in the UK. It is also where the gritty drama series written by the annoyingly talented Jimmy McGovern was filmed…

“The Lakes”

Jimmy McGovern’s Acclaimed Television Series

DVD: Click Here

If you watch this boxset, it can be a challenge not to fall in love with this beguiling location. It’s often said, you cannot put a price on love. But we reckon £600,000 for an empty box of nice masonry is a tad over the top. Guys, maybe you should water this one down by a few grand.

Or at least you should navigate the planning process and provide this exceptionally located property with that vital and very difficult thing to find… a Lake District planning GRANTED certificate!

All we can do is let our readers decide. Will this one stay on the market for a year, or get snapped up by a lockdown-town escapee?

Filter House, Hayeswater Gill,

Lake District, Cumbria,

CA11 0NZ

Is the sale price of: £600,000 right for you?

For Further Details

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Earlier Listing: 29th June 2021

Lancaster Waterworks For Auction

Guide: £25,000

Beware: Hefty Buyer’s Premium

Further Details…

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More News On Unique Property Bulletin

Going Mainstream Will Appear On This Page Soon.

Don’t risk missing that perfect home for yourself.

Please check back here regularly.


Earlier Listing: 27 April 2021

Detached House Renovation Project

Plus Former Water Tower

Offers Over £25,000

Yes that is the correct price. Guided at just £25,000, Unique Property Bulletin are very happy to present this wee gem for your consideration…

Tower & Building Plot For Sale: £25,000.

If you are fed up with Covid-city and lockdown-town then this may just change your life.

There is much unique and interesting to commend this place.

25 years younger and the editor at Unique Property Bulletin would have bought it.

There is a style of life here that has only recently become accessible to so many folk.

The key to unlocking this access has been the major roll-out of  “remote working”.

Do you fancy working around here?

One of Several Beaches That Surround Your New House

Photo attribution with thanks to Mark Fusi

Come on, join us for ten minutes. Get the kettle on, have a cup of tea and enjoy reading the words we have mangled. Seriously, this may well change someone’s life and that gives us a real buzz. Why, because yours truly was brought up on an island with my brothers.

We seldom watched television because we were either out in the boat, or up one of the mountains. Plus 101 wonderful things to do when you live within a small island community. A great way to grow up. Plenty of fresh air and mischief abounded. Maybe time for you to consider leaving lockdown and design a bit of mischief of your own? We have found the local councils to be very supportive, especially under conditions where mainlanders and lowlanders “get it”. That the pace of life goes to a different beat. Where helping the community really matters. Where you can live life well and be happy.


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Feature Article

4th April 2021…

2 Summers and No Winters

Unique Property Bulletin are currently working on the new Head Office. For the pat 34 years this publication has been run by volunteers at some fairly exotic locations…

Davaar Island: Birthplace of Unique Property Bulletin in 1987.

Rental Cost Then? Just £5 Per Year.

Photo Attribution: Andrew MacPherson 

Three decades and several moves later we have been very lucky. Unique Property Bulletin and especially our supportive group of Unique Property Club members can make the amazing property location become a possibility. For example, something like this Covid-free style of town. Note two sets of moats…

Three Decades of Unique Property Bulletin, Plus…

Our Core Group of Unique Home Owning Friends

Mean we are very lucky in being able to consider particularly unique styles of European property. In the current crappyvirus times (even with vaccines and mutant top-op jags) the allure of a moated town and “normal” life in a double moated town holds great appeal…

The Red Zone Is 15 Day Covid Hotel Phase

Required Before Access On The Main Town Island.

Yes of course this may seem over-the-top, especially now that vaccines are on their way. But I’ve owned an electric generator as a safety measure against electricity cuts. This is due to being a kid of the UK 3 day week where 1970s prime minister Ted Heath switched off the entire country’s electricity supply for four days every week (click here).

So as such proof of earlier national problems cast their shadows for 47 years, I suspect the current Covid-Generation are going to carry the scars of this dreadful experience for a few years yet.

The Nirvana for our unique property club members is actually…

Two Summers & No Winters.

For that to work, we are looking at a property in the far, far north of the UK where, in the summer, there is 2 hours more daylight than London. In 2012 we almost bought the Saxa Vord MoD Base at north Shetland for £19,000 freehold…

Saxa Vord Is Very Light In The Summers

Accommodation Buildings Can Be Bargais…

£19,000 Freehold…

The converse holds true in the winter. The further south the better for maximising the daylight length of day.

Combining our desire for Covid-safe location plus two-summers-and-no-winters style of life requiring us to locate an island property in the far north and a moated property in the south of France and we have some interesting adventures ahead.

For this segment, we have a feature article for our readers.

This is for our hard-core eccentric unique property folk.

Two Summers & No Winters…

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Earlier Listing

25th March 2021…

MoD & Mega Golf Property

Whole Site: Offers Over £950,000.

Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

This radar station is a place we have driven past many times. Last night (24/3/21) the owner telephoned the director of this website out of the blue. It was a very pleasant surprise, especially as our sister company (here) is looking to create as many jobs as possible to help folk when we all eventually come out of this pandemic and we need to locate suitable sites to build new format places of work that are covid-safe. Estimates range between 600,000 and 800,000 people becoming jobless. Many of whom have worked solidly from the day they left school, college or university.

Maybe you have a plan that could bring this unusual property back to meaningful use…

The Gatehouse.

Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

The Gatehouse.

Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

This former Ministry of Defence base – RAF Balado Bridge, has some interesting life in it yet (click here for several excellent photographs).

AAA RAF Balado MAIN Aerial

Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross

The most notable part is the Radome. Colloquially known as a big golf ball for obvious reasons.  RAF Balado Bridge is now an iconic Perthshire landmark close to the villages of Kinross and Milnathort. The ideal location for commuting throughout east central Scotland with the M90 a five minute drive away. 

AAA RAF Balado Bridge by Keith Boardman

Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross

Photo Courtesy of Mr Keith Boardman

A major “T in The Park” concert going on in the photo

But can you spot the Balado Radome?

The Unique Property Bulletin rebooted this publication in 2017 and between our subscribers have more than sufficient to buy a major slice of this unusual site.

There has certainly been some interesting discussions here about end use for this site.

Last for this segment, if any of our current Unique Property Syndicate folk would like to consider this owning a large slice of this former MoD base as a candidate property to build/convert a part for their own home, please feel free to get in touch via the normal channels (click here). Alternatively if any of our readers end up buying this golf ball base themselves, please consider letting us know as we have a television company keen to feature projects such as this.

I Spy With My Little Eye ~ The Real Deal

Address: Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

Guide: £950,000.

Please contact the main agent

For Balado…

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Earlier Listing

23rd March 2021…

Rocks Wanted

Cash Waiting

Something Like This

Photo Attribution: Gilbert Meur.

This would do too


The next style is not that appealing. It doesn’t rock enough.


Finally, a bit of a wild card, but our reader who is in the mood to buy boulders said…


Unique Property Bulletin is getting warmed up

as our new HQ offices are almost ready.

Compared to tortoise-house pictured above, we have a more traditional Abbey Studio thing going on. But it does mean that the old “magazine format” of Unique Property Bulletin will be appearing online for you, for free, for ever. Soon.

For now, if you have suitable land for sale and can help one of our fellow eccentric readers… 

Click Here

Cash Available


Earlier Listing

15th March 2021…

Grand Design’s Property For Sale

Dinton Castle Folly

Dinton Castle Folly

This is one of our all time top-ten favourites. A diminutive castle. Unique Property Bulletin has been going for around 34 years, so there is an array of thousands from which to choose. Occasionally that thing you are not supposed to do happens when writing: you end up like a kid in a toy shop and actually buy the subject.

Dinton Castle Folly

Before A Great Deal of Blood, Sweat & Tears

We mention our own journey as hopefully it is one from which you will be able to enjoy some inspiration. Many of this website’s 186,000 readership and especially our 383 property-club members have been incredibly lucky to have experienced the wonders of living on a small island we bought in 2001 and a magnificent lighthouse station on 30 picturesque acres acquired in 2017. Against such significant and genuinely unusual places to live, we pay respect to the sheer willpower it will have taken the current owners of Dinton Castle Folly to transform an utter wreck into an epic, yet comfortable home. Readers, please remember, this is what they bought…

Dinton Castle Folly

The Dilapidated Ruin

Having seen many castles that were brobdingnagian money-pits, this delightful and almost perfect sized folly fort will still have cost a lot to renovate. But should be eminently affordable to upkeep as a home. Ideally, it will make you smile every time you walk up to the front door. The owners have achieved a masterclass example of how to complete this style of renovation well. It just seems a shame that they have not been able to enjoy the home for a little longer…

Dinton Castle Folly

A finely detailed interior that feels like home.

With the ultimate unique guest visiting (before Covid)…

Dinton Castle Folly

Approved By Kevin McCloud.

Two National Treasures: Kevin & A Castle


Recently the price has reduced by more than £100,000…

Now Guided At £700,000.

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For Further Details


Earlier Listing.

3rd March 2021 Update…

£40,000. Now Sold £98,000

10th February 2021

Blubberhouse For Auction

Guide: £40,000

What is a blubberhouse? Please don’t ask us! We aren’t too sure what a blubberhouse is. But here is one we found last night and it is quite the bargain to help you leave lockdown-town and go to live somewhere that is not too crowded.

The Blubberhouse, Otley.

Hopefully a blubberhouse is not an abattoir or meat processing place. We’d be happier if this was a building where you watched sad movies with your other half and had a quiet cry at the end. That’s our idea of a blubberhouse.

You don’t need to live in a blubberhouse to watch sad films.

But the alternate involves a lot of meat and cleavers.

Not too keen on that.

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For Full Details of the Blubberhouse

Guided at £40,000


A small favour: Please can you share the properties featured here on your social media if you think it may help your friends. This website has and will always be free for you to use. We run it with volunteers. The bills are paid for by site adverts. So the help you can give us by popping properties from here that you like onto your social media will help us to help you. A virtuous circle. Many thanks.

Earlier Listing…

6th February 2021



Guide price £595,000

Water Tower, 1A Moira Road, Ashby De La Zouch,

Leicestershire, LE65 2TU

Further Details

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Earlier Listings

Remote & Idyllic

Building Plot: £39,950 Freehold. Planning For 4 Bed Detached House

Ideal For Telecommuting. 

Escape Coviddy-Cities & Lockdown-Towns.

The view from this proposed 4 bedroom detached house is spectacular…

^^^ The View From The Building Plot At Seabreezes ^^^

Here is the current plan drawing as approved by the local council…

Seabreezes Building Plot For Sale.

£39,500 Freehold.

This is a delicate matter, but as of most recent Covid map we accessed…

Covid Rate Is Very Low: Click Here

Type in the postcode: KW14 7TD

It is a fact that many folk are wishing to live a life that is in a safer area and from where they can telecommute. Whatever else the year 2020 has shown to us, one significant thing is the ability to work from home and telecommute.

You might like to sample some of the journey with Jeremy Clarkson as your guide…..

Getting Here

Jeremy Clarkson can show you the joys of the drive north until he “ran out of country”.

Nowadays folk are seeking to leave coviddy-cities and lock-down towns for a gentler, safer style of life where you can walk and still feel some freedom.

Details of this fully-serviced building plot…

Seabeezes Building Land For Sale

£39,500 Freehold. 

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Earlier News: 30th November 2020

St Andrews Day Special

Latest News 30th November 2020

Earlshall Castle + 3 Fortified Cottages

In this year of Covid19 and the 5 pandemic viruses of the past 25 years, with more likely to come, would you like to live somewhere secure, where you could walk for miles without worrying about the Coronavirus? A classically safe castle and environment where you could telecommute remotely to a far-off workplace. All  from the comfort of a castle home and still have space in the 53 acre grounds to breath and live a decent life. Each property may be available at an affordable price?

The Gatehouse At Earlshall Castle.

One of a micro-community of 4 dwellings.

A unique home that you may be able to buy at an affordable price.

Photo courtesy of Google~3D. Virtual tour outwith castle boundary: click here

Unique Property Bulletin feature a very full study of this amazing set of 4 properties in a 53 acre location. You may well afford one of the cottages, or indeed the whole castle. The main boundary is secured by the RAF Luechars airbase up to MoD standard. The remaining boundary can be upgraded if required and monitored by CCTV. If you fancy just one of the 4 buildings, contact Unique Property Bulletin: click here.

Leuchars, St. Andrews, Scotland.

A Castle & Several Buildings + 53 Acres.

Adjacent To Leuchars Airbase.

For full details + plans + analysis…

Click Here

Please note the guide on this castle is purely an estimate.

The owner/agent has declined to place a guide on the castle.


Earlier News 19/11/2020

For Sale Freehold. Guide: £15,000.

Land and Building, Glaisdale Dale, Whitby, YO21 2PZ

Land and Building, Glaisdale Dale, Whitby, YO21 2PZ

Land and Building, Glaisdale Dale, Whitby, YO21 2PZ

Further Details

Click Here

Please note the £15,000 is a guide set by the estate agents and owner.

Here at Unique Property Bulletin we simply give our readers the heads-up.

Earlier News: 22nd October 2020

Iconic Water Tower

For Auction: Guide: £140,000 ~ Auction Date: 4th November 2020

Felsted Water Tower 

Garnetts Lane, Felsted, Dunmow, Essex. CM6 3EJ


Felsted Water Tower, Garnetts Lane, Felsted, Dunmow, Essex. CM6 3EJ.

Currently let at £10,600 per annum

Auction Video: Felsted Water Tower, Essex. 

Felsted Water Tower: Location

Courtesy of Google Maps

Felsted Water Tower Auction Details…

Click Here

Earlier News: 11th September 2020

For Sale By Auction ~ Guide: Just £17,000 Freehold.

Now Sold: £54,000.

Former UKWMO Nuclear Bunker For Sale

ROC Post, Osier Lane, West Beckham, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 6PL

As promised, here are the details of the first of TWO UKWMO nuclear bunkers we have for sale. This one is in East Anglia, the other in Aberdeenshire (that one will be featured in a couple of weeks time). For this update of Unique Property Bulletin we are delighted to commend this very well kept Royal Observer Corps (ROC) bunker.

ROC Post, Osier Lane, West Beckham, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 6PL

The owner is a very nice person who telephone Unique Property Bulletin and has asked our advice which was to engage a local estate agent/auctioneer. We are also delighted to feature the ROC UKWMO Bunker on our website to help her sell the property. For those not quite familiar with these underground structures, here is an artists impression…

Standard ROS Bunker Design. Further Details on UKWMO: Click Here.

The location is in East Anglia…

ROC Post, Osier Lane, West Beckham, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 6PL

Video of West Beckham UKWMO Bunker

Click on Photo Above To Watch The Video

Last but not least, here are two excellent websites for those looking to research more information regarding ROC UKWMO Bunkers, and in this case West Beckham…

28 Days Later: Click Here

Subterranea Britannica: Click Here

Please remember to mention you found this UKWMO bunker for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This really does help our volunteers and not-for-profit website to help you. Thanks.

Further Details…

Click Here


Earlier Update: 7th September 2020

Fancy A Little Extra Help

Finding Unique Property Near To You?

Wherever You Are In The UK, We Can Help You Find Your Unique Style of Home

95% of this website is free. We do occasionally have a modest fundraiser to help this not-for-profit website keep going. If you would like to read more about some of the SECRET ways we find unusual property and at very good prices…

Click Here

For The Special Article

You could help us, help you. Best wishes, The Unique Property Bulletin Team

Earlier News: 5th September 2020

Old Police Station For Sale

Park Street, Hungerford, Berkshire, RG17 0EA.

Guide Price: £425,000

Evans  Jones were appointed to apply for planning permission to change the old Hungerford police station into 5 residential units (here). Today we are listing one of those regenerated properties here…

Oops, wrong plans.

These actual plans that were passed by the local authority in Berkshire were for this former police station…


Photo Courtesy of Google Mapping

Via a lot of building works.

Including a whole new 2 storey wing to the left and right of the old structure…

Getting Started On The Renovation & Change of Use Work

The Old Police Station, Park Street, Hungerford, RG17 0EA

The Old Police Station, Park Street, Hungerford, RG17 0EA

Apartment 4 is a spacious first floor apartment with lovely views and its own front door accessed by a private external staircase. There is a kitchen/dining room, a sitting room, two good bedrooms, an en-suite and a family bathroom.

The Old Police Station, Park Street, Hungerford, RG17 0EA

From cop-shop to the sweet cell of success

The Old Police House is very conveniently situated for the High Street, Hungerford Common and the railway station. An internal viewing is strongly advised to fully appreciate the wonderful lifestyle opportunity that this unique conversion offers.

The Old Police Station, Park Street, Hungerford, RG17 0EA

The Old Police Station, Park Street, Hungerford, RG17 0EA

This is a high specification renovation of the Park Street Police Station. This apartment has very clean, crisp lines and is turnkey-ready.

The Old Police Station, Park Street, Hungerford, RG17 0EA

The Old Police Station, Park Street, Hungerford, RG17 0EA

Considering the old police cells would have been very cramped, the architect and builder have made a fine job ensuring wide open spaces now feature prominently on the wanted list for this Berkshire building.

The Old Police Station, Park Street, Hungerford, RG17 0EA

It may be an idea to explore the neighbourhoood via the excellent Google 3D mapping system. During these strange times of Covid19 where we are all needing to make adjustments to ensure the protection and safety of all family, friends, neighbours and the rest of humanity, the advent of Google mapping has been a brilliant, sanity saving creation. To take a virtual tour around the locality click here.

The Old Police Station, Park Street, Hungerford, RG17 0EA

There is actually a choice of other completed former police accommodation from the main estate agent…

 Marc Allen & Co., (01488) 685353 e-mail: sales@marcallen.co.uk   

For Further Details

Click Here

The Old Police Station, Park Street, Hungerford, RG17 0EA

Earlier News: 30th August 2020

Unique Property Bulletin

Free, For You, Forever.

Please note, Unique Property Bulletin are in the process of buying + renovating and taking on PAYE staff in order to help the three volunteers. When we started getting over 100,000 readers at a time. In fact here is evidence of something that shocked us: 186,399 folk looked at just one of our featured properties…

The large volume of result from this took our 3 volunteers and spouses

2 weeks to answer all of the emails + texts + telephone calls.

A good thing. But it overloaded volunteers too close to burnout for this site.

The resale price also made an extra 15%.

Our three volunteers and family members have been struggling with the full magazine format at Unique Property Bulletin for quite a while.

This is a not-for-profit entity and has limited resources in terms staff (zero). We either had to close the website (rather than risk messing some of our readers’ house purchase/sale plans), or we had to arrange a way to afford employed staff and offices. Fortunately, we have a brilliant core group of friends and subscribers.

So we decided to keep the Unique Property Bulletin alive and employ some staff.

To help with this, on 28th February 2020, we purchased these new premises. Primarily due to location and price. This building is within 15 minutes of our volunteers and it was an absolute bargain. Reduced from £240,000 to £120,000 and we bought it for £60,000. Okay we need to budget a decent wedge to get the building back to fully-fit condition. But it is a very large property for not much money…

Main Entrance to Unique Property Bulletin Offices:

280 High Street, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 1JF.

We have been fortunate in this three storey building at 280 High Street, also includes a significant two-storey building in James Street into the sale price…

Bargain Time: Two Buildings For The Price of One.

Our Long Term  Unique Property Club Members Came Together To Help

Ensure That Unique Property Bulletin Would Survive & Thrive.

The photo above shows eight of the nine very large shop/office windows that are on the ground floor. When added to the second and third floors there are fifteen offices and three storage rooms. Plus various amenities such as washrooms and kitchenette facilities for staff to make their lunch. Indeed directly across the road is a very famous landmark, Arbroath Abbey (842 years old) and is a lovely place to go across for lunchtime open-air break…

Arbroath Abbey Opposite 280 High Street.

Photo Attribution: Reg Haar

If you are new to Unique Property Bulletin, this topic of our new Head Office might seem an unusual. But it is vital if we are to keep bringing you unique places that you might like to buy (also we help our readers looking to sell). Here are three random examples from THOUSANDS featured on this website (and in the paper versions before we went online) since 1987 either for sale or where there are others of a similarstyle coming up for sale…

Lock Keeper’s House, Loughborough  Near Leicester. £550,000.

Weird Covid Property Boom. Be Quick: Click Here

Former Dent Station Near To The Lake District. £395,000.

If sold, we guarantee another station like this

will be arriving soon.  Possibly to a platform near to you. 

To study the details and get a taste for railway homes. Click Here

Tonwell Water Tower, Temple Lane, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 0HP

This has been under offer, then for sale, then under offer, then for sale like a YoYo. Click Here

If this unique Hertfordshire building floats your boat, best telephone the agents to make sure if it is on or off the sale list. Remember there will ALWAYS be more of these listed on this website. Thanks to the new Unique Property Bulletin HQ offices we will have many more for you. Just keep checking back to this website regularly to make sure you don’t miss that hidden gem of an unusual house. 

Unique Property Bulletin: Earlier Paper Format

Ever since becoming established in 1987, Unique Property Bulletin has  produced a majorly free service to our readers (occasionally there have been fundraisers and some subscriptions were tried for a while to help towards printing costs etc).

But the purchase of the new Unique Property Bulletin and UPS building at 280 High Street opposite to Arbroath Abbey is part of our plan to keep our promise to you our readers…

Unique Property Bulletin

Free, For You, Forever.

Long story short, Unique Property Bulletin only needs 2 of the 15 offices in the new building we bought along with great support from our UPS crew.

So it is likely we shall be renting out the other offices and some of that income will be used to pay staff wages. The building is bought outright with no mortgage and so the books and finances will balance very well.

Though shortly after we bought the building, on 28th February 2020, Covid19 struck and everyone went into lockdown. So we have held off employing staff as it would be unfair to take folk on, only to put them through the stress of being on furlough.

Fortunately, in the meantime, progress on roof repairs is going well, in spite of vertigo by one of our lot clinging onto the scaffolding like it was his wallet…

280 High Street. Unique Property Bulletin Will Be Housed In 2 of The 15 offices

In spite of vertigo, it is important to see the work being completed on the roof. Though egress and entrance was via a third floor window. Climbing out of windows at this heights seems counter-intuitive and very unnatural.

The previous owners of 280 High Street, Swinton Insurance Brokers, had, in fact, spent a significant amount of money maintaining the building. There was some water ingress, but this has been mostly down to lack of maintenance, such as emptying the gutters during the three years that Swinton had left the building unoccupied. After our UPS latest venture on the Island of Arran (and a lot of roof renovation work there), it is a comfort that the dormer window cheeks for 280 High Street have been given a thorough overhaul and no bad news was to be found lurking behind the cheeks. A little bit of quality lead and some replaced tiles, along with an amazing amount of plant life from the Victorian guttering being removed and this elevation of roof is very much fit for purpose again. Which is quite a relief as Arbroath Abbey, directly across the road is a magnificent ruin and illustrates what 700 years of having insufficient maintenance does to a sandstone building. Especially is a coastal seaside town with high, sandy winds such as Arbroath 

Great enjoyment at Unique Property Building to see progress being made on this building. The roof is in remarkably good condition after a gentle amount of TLC. The scaffolding is being removed next week, and the inside of the building is being sorted out.

It is worth reminding you, yup, you, our readers, that all this work is being completed to ensure we can relaunch www.uniquepropertybulletin.co.uk and continue getting you into property mischief.

Three stories up at the roof and writing regular magazine format Bulletins again was fairly far from the mind. Respect to roofers and scaffolders. Working at heights is not the easiest job.

Well worth the effort to get out onto the scaffold.

The roofing contractor advised that this was near pitch perfect and in excellent condition.

Apart from a large amount of grass in the gutters, enough to need a lawn mower. This is now all removed and a cherry-picker crane will be booked regularly to ensure the gutters are maintained properly. Here at Arbroath, the east coast is much drier than the west coast, but is still gets its fair share of rain. When that can’t flow through the rainwater system, the outside stonework and masonry become wet and inside gets a bit damp. All sorted now and Unique Property Bulletin is champing at the bit to relaunch our full, magazine format online service for those buying and selling unusual places to live.

Strangely, Covid19 has meant a huge increase in remote-working…


We have never seen a telecommuting number at that level. It iused to hover around 6% when we first advocated this as a way to live in a remote place such as a private island or a lighthouse property

Full Article: Click Here

If only 25% (rather than 80%) eventually choose to telecommute, this will have a major impact on what we do here. Folk will save a small fortune on train tickets and/or car petrol costs etc. They will save 2 years of their lives from NOT physically commuting. They can spend more quality time with family. Okay., after a 3 month lockdown you might want a bit of space, but here’s the thing, if you move from the city to a rural place with broadband, you can own 30 acres and a lighthouse station for £275,000: so plenty of space to spend time with family, but NOT cooped up in a small semi-detached house inside the M25. The ancillary benefit is you stand a far better chance of NOT catching Covid if you live in a rural place.

We have been banging on about telecommuting even before the internet was invented and the main way to work whilst living at a safe and remote lighthouse wqas by fax. Coronavirus has had some strange effects on our way of life and work.

Now it is almost desirable to live and telecommute from a distant place.

With the progress at Arbroath UPB HQ we will be relaunching our efforts to help you soon enough… 

With the Covid19 lockdown restrictions easing and our own conscience salved by over-engineered safety measures (here), the renovation of 280 High Street plus 1 to 5 James Street has been progressing very well.

The big cracked window helped shave a slice off of the purchase price haggling, but that also meant spending a few quid getting an 8 x 8 foot pane of industrial safety glass installed. The team from Dundee that did this work turned out to be a brilliant company. A wee plug for our  glazing pals: A-Class Glass & Joinery ~ Click Here. We would highly recommend this company and shall be putting more work in their direction.

It was also fascinating to see how these huge sheets of glass are installed… 

You might be amazed at how many people look in shop windows. It is an abvious thing to state, but when you are on the other side of the glass, it is very noticeable that people want to look in.

Possibly a muscle-memory thing.

Or just the natural way we all walk down a High Street in Anytown in the country.

Whatever else, the power of these 9 big windows is awesome.

We put a sign up on Monday and by Wednesday we already had one person wanting to sell us their shop, which is excellent as it fits in with our wider plan to utilise the other 12 offices for rent as business incubator units. Where we help small businesses to grow to the point where they need their own shop, or office or industrial unit. That is more to do with one of our other entities, Tayport Group (rather than Unique Property Bulletin): Click Here.

Just to finish this update, here is an interactive Facebook page of the Unique Property Bulletin Editor. Just click on the blue circle outlined letter “F” to see more photographs (and more unique property for sale)…

Or click this link…


Hopefully this segment has helped our regular readers and our new visitors to understand the progress being made to ensure that…

Unique Property Bulletin

Is Made Avaialble

Free, For You, Forever


Earlier News: 24th August 2020

An Island Home Away From Covid19?

In answer to a fourfold increase in our reader enquiry numbers for remote property that can be utilised as a safe sanctuary, we present a possible solution to the Covid-19 problem.

An island gem for £690,000 for the WHOLE island.

Or one of the two houses at £245,000.

This article has selected one way where you can live on an island in a country with a remarkably LOW Covid-19 fatality rate. So far just 256 souls have passed away from Coronavirus in the entire country. Whereas in Britain there are 46,413 Caronavirus deaths as based on the UK Government’s own figures. Likely nearer 65,000 fatalities depending on which scientists you trust the most.

Being an island makes it even safer from Covid contagion. How about you take a SABBATICAL for 1 year, maybe even 2 years and LIVE ON AN ISLAND? You can telecommute to work. The past 3 months has proven remote working works well. After a year of two, the world WILL be a much safer place and you may have had the adventure of a lifetime. For more information…

Click Here

Please remember this is just ONE of THOUSANDS of islands all over the world. It so happens you can drive to this island from the UK. Albeit a BBC Top Gear style of adventure drive (25 hours). But it certainly can be done, especially if, for example, you are utilising a motorhome RV in your journey.

We will be featuring more islands than normal during the coming weeks as as this is what our readers ~ you ~ have asked for. All the very best and stay safe,

Russ McLean, Editor, Unique Property Bulletin.


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